A few months ago I found this page on RMS's website:

“If you feel your organization needs a "presence" in Facebook”

New year, new challenges. Here's what we plan to achieve in 2020. Let's get started! 😀

"The English speakers tended to speak less while the Italian speakers had fewer pronunciation problems, but simplified what they did say."


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Languages affected differently by brain disease bbc.in/2FCxWhg

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So I've decided to build an accompanying site to go along with my Making A Website posts.

It kinda works like a wizard that shows the results of each step at the click of a button.

The design of the site itself is how the resulting website from this series will look.

If you're interested, please do check it out:


I'm pretty sure most of these things actually should be server-side. What about feature request to Mastodon maintainers? Just a thought.

Did you know that you can long press the "fetch more toots" button? It will fetch all missing messages automatically at once.

#Tip #Fedilab

Cool that Firefox now has one of Chrome's more useful features, and with that I'm now on Firefox for good :3


Think about the amount of CO₂ produced by cars in your home city and thoughts about CO₂ produced by baking bread will leave your forever.
Seriously, it's just ridiculous.

It's sick, to be frank.
It's fucking unbelievable how some women could turn even nerdy/tech topics into radfem bullshit.

#2250 "OK/okay/ok" 

"Romani ite domum" it should be 😜
Great movie, by the way.

My now federates using . If you want to follow my blog on , the account is @kev.

Isaac Asimov would have been 100 today!

To celebrate, I recommend smashing a Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Can't sleep
Don't know what to do
Laptop staring at me
I stare back

My wishes for 2020?

I wish that people start valuing their privacy and and

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