Folks in the UK, about the government’s contact tracing app made by folks from Vote Leave & GCHQ:

- Do not download it.
- Do not use it.
- Tell friends & family not to either.

This is a mass surveillance app. It won’t protect you. But it will create a very dangerous precedent.

@aral I'm going to call this tinfoil hat paranoia in the face of a very real and harmful disease.

I share your wider concerns about mass surveillance but it is an honest attempt at dealing with a fatal pandemic that is decimating population and economy alike.

Please consider the wider ramifications of "civil dissent" at this point in time.


"fatal pandemic that is decimating population and economy alike." What a bullshit: "fatal pandemic" which affects 0.045% of population 😁
And, of course, it's not a virus who disrupts your economy.

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