Just read an interesting chat between @nolan and @bobstechsite about what got them into Linux (fosdem link is interesting too).

Anyway, it got me to thinking about why people question the status quo and move to Linux, so please let me know your stories below...extra challenge - try to stick to a single toot!

I’ll add mine by way of reply...

Nolan/Bob link: toot.cafe/@nolan/1016044001336


I think the most interesting part in this chat is that "FLOSS proponents ditching the latest and greatest technology" and their comparison with retrocars enthusiasts. It's quite interesting how "using the latest technologies" started meaning "using technologies copyrighted by big corporations which not giving a damn about your privacy".
@nolan @bobstechsite

@kev @nolan @bobstechsite
Just have come across this excellent one in Paul Jarvis' blog:

As Benjamin Franklin once said (probably), software users
who trade privacy for functionality deserve neither.

Well said.

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