A few months ago I found this page on RMS's website:

“If you feel your organization needs a "presence" in Facebook”

New year, new challenges. Here's what we plan to achieve in 2020. Let's get started! 😀

"The English speakers tended to speak less while the Italian speakers had fewer pronunciation problems, but simplified what they did say."


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Languages affected differently by brain disease bbc.in/2FCxWhg

🐦🔗: twitter.com/bbchealth/status/1

So I've decided to build an accompanying site to go along with my Making A Website posts.

It kinda works like a wizard that shows the results of each step at the click of a button.

The design of the site itself is how the resulting website from this series will look.

If you're interested, please do check it out:


Did you know that you can long press the "fetch more toots" button? It will fetch all missing messages automatically at once.

#Tip #Fedilab

Cool that Firefox now has one of Chrome's more useful features, and with that I'm now on Firefox for good :3


My now federates using . If you want to follow my blog on , the account is @kev.

Isaac Asimov would have been 100 today!

To celebrate, I recommend smashing a Amazon Echo or Google Home.

Can't sleep
Don't know what to do
Laptop staring at me
I stare back

My wishes for 2020?

I wish that people start valuing their privacy and and

I like these suggestions, though I wouldn't put them up there as "Resolutions". Still, I think I'm going to do them.

"5 New Year's Resolutions for Fans of Linux - OMG! Ubuntu!"


There are four types of wealth:

1. Financial Wealth (money)
2. Social Wealth (status)
3. Time Wealth (freedom)
4. Physical Wealth (health)

Be wary of jobs that lure your with 1 and 2, but rob you of 3 and 4.
The above transcribed text prin…

StreetComplete is an Android app which finds wrong, incomplete or extendable data in the user’s vicinity. It lists them as easily answered questions, thereby allowing changes to be made directly on site without having to use another editor.

Data issues are presented to the user as markers on a map. They can be solved by filling out a simple form to complete/correct the information.


#StreetComplete #openstreetmap #osm

To new #Fedilab users. If you have several accounts, you can simply long press buttons (boost, fav, follow, reply, etc.) to finish the action with another account without switching.

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