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I recently made changes to my blog:
I made it look better than it did before, but I'm still not satisfied. I need some critiques and ideas to make it look more professional while still be light and happy.

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How do you guys manage your bookmarks/links? I have so many links in firefox i want to sort but don’t know how and the same problem with rss.
I use bookmarks in firefox, favorites in my rss reader and sometimes bookmarks in safari on my phone. This ‚system‘ sucks though because I never know where to search for what!! It’s driving me crazy

This didn't help lol. I'll try both. As I said in a previous toot, I'm planning a social media site, so I'll stick with that and then move on to a chatting system.

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I'm stuck on two project ideas:
Make a social media site, or make a decenteralized/client-based chatting system. Any other suggestions are appreciated as well.

Poll: What kind of music do you enjoy?

Do mastodon boosts repost the toot onto your timeline? I boosted a post from another instance, but it doesn't seem to be showing up.

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Once I get my database library working, I'm going to create an app I wanted to make for a while: A social gathering/notification app.

Rubber duck debugging for the win! This method even works for planning. I had an issue with a workflow, so I tested it like normal, but this time it worked. It's weird how stuff like that works!

Even better, the laptop is actually usable now.

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I just installed Xfce4 on my Ubuntu laptop (formally windows 8) and now my laptop feels quick and modern. This is why I love FOSS so much. You can't do this with Windows!

I am a moderator for's forum. This is a good example of some funny posts we get:

When your recursive function does what it's supposed to the first time.

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I’ve been seeing lots of people mentioning Mastodon on Twitter, I have a feeling that Mastodon is really picking up speed now

I made this quote a month ago and it still makes me laugh.

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Just a suggestion for people who want to cross post from Mastodon to Twitter. Mastodon by default has an RSS feed of your account. Just add .rss to your profile address like this:

Using this method, any service that posts to Twitter from RSS can act as a cross poster.


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