@dex Thanks! I kept my blog separate so I could have a sort of portfolio site. In the future I'll combine them to a single site.

@jordila Indeed. Not only has the development of the actual library been easier, but the development with the library can be cleaner, easier, and more customizable.

@jordila Yeah. It's a combo of React and jQuery functionality. I'm working on the React-like class-based component creation. There's some drawbacks of not using a virtual DOM (I use custom attributes to manage components on the DOM)

If I were to make a CLI/Terminal posting server, what would the best way to connect to it?

Question: What is the best JavaScript library for generating text based on pages of a book/journal?

Today, I'm getting into Brain.js, a neural network library for JavaScript. It's tough right now since repl.it is pretty slow. Later, I will try on my home PC.

@unixnut It's awesome right? I wanted to build my own, a simpler and basic form of chatting system based on my lowchat system: github.com/Vandesm14/lowchat

I'm going to release a useful tool either today or tomorrow. It's finally done.

@gxtony Sounds interesting. Do you have a slight pattern or is it completely random?

I am interested in switching to an alternative sleep schedule. Does anyone have any tips or suggestions for me? If you have considered switching your sleep schedule or have actually switched, I'd like to hear your stories!

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Very off-topic, but this post is in response to @Vandesm14 asking me to post something in a DM. So here it is.

@daz Delete all of them without looking. Some of them could've been important, but what do you care?

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Hardware Acceleration is approximately 9.8 m/s² and is achieved by tossing your computer out the fucking window

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Someone said this once

I’m saying it again

Most students don’t really hate math. Students hate how math makes them feel. (Frustrated, stressed, not understanding, falling behind, etc)

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