I recently made changes to my blog:
I made it look better than it did before, but I'm still not satisfied. I need some critiques and ideas to make it look more professional while still be light and happy.

@Vandesm14 You could resize the sidebar icons if you want.

@Vandesm14 ... umh... nice to know, having a look at the repo ... Inspiring. Minimalistic approach.
So to speak, you're working on building bridges ?


«[..] EZ.js supports copying and cloning both HTML elements and EZComponents.[..] »

@jordila Yeah. It's a combo of React and jQuery functionality. I'm working on the React-like class-based component creation. There's some drawbacks of not using a virtual DOM (I use custom attributes to manage components on the DOM)

@Vandesm14 so... This week i've learnt about DOM, Virtual DOM, Shadow DOM ( #webcomponents ) and bla ...

So, in your development : by means of not using virtual DOM ... it results in a lighter implementation of components ? simpler overall code ? Please correct me if i'm wrong ....

@jordila Indeed. Not only has the development of the actual library been easier, but the development with the library can be cleaner, easier, and more customizable.

@Vandesm14 i like that you used a freenom domain. the only thing i would recommend is maybe grab and redirect it to your blog. your website design is pretty good.

@dex Thanks! I kept my blog separate so I could have a sort of portfolio site. In the future I'll combine them to a single site.

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