Of course ..

.. just casually pair your phone with the brain of your macaque. Just like you would pair it with your speaker.

I guess those times when summoning a pizza with your phone was cool are GONE.

But look at him go! Helping technological progress asking only banana smoothie for his work.

I hope you're helping a good cause, Pager.

Let's tell a story together!

Reply with one word to continue the story and (ideally) boost. I'll start:


We know that what gets on the once will most likely stay there forever.

We also know that current most likely won't be effective forever.

Hmmm.. 🤔

When it comes to streaming services, what do you prefer?

I like how on instances you don't need to chase trending hashtags to interact with the even if you don't have tons of followers.

Also, while there is an idea that people on networks are mostly those that were kicked of the mainstream ones, people are actually pretty nice here.

Maybe I'm just lucky with the instances I'm active on.

What is your experience with Mastodon so far?

If you could change one thing about right now, what would it be?

If you had an opportunity to work for , would you take it?

With apparently following the of designing own for their , I wonder what the will look like.

Custom designed chips for / infrastructures, and chips for end-user devices and ?

How do you think the law suit will end?


Did you notice that the email placeholder in the helplbrysavecrypto.com/ 'Stay Informed' section is a protonmail address?

Nice touch!


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