() is an easy to use renderer and navigator for desktop.

Maps uses the increasingly popular OpenStreetMap (openstreetmap.org/) to provide an accurate world map of roads, streets, and even shops.

Maps is as simple as any other map navigator program, and can navigate with way points and use .

Once made, the route can be printed so it can be traveled later.

Website 🔗: wiki.gnome.org/Apps/Maps

apt 📦: gnome-maps


@skunksarebetter tried it but
the quality of the map is very very poor, main city names not in English and no clue how to change. not worth wasting any time on.

@Ubuntu_ard Are you looking at non-English speaking countries? OpenStreetMap is meant for navigation, where street signs would be looked at frequently. Having English street names in Iran is a pretty useless idea.

If your system language is non-English that could be causing it as well. In which case you can set the locale from terminal and run Maps from there.

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