Dear Doctor Professor Mr. Lunduke, Esq.,

I am a DevOps Engineer professionally and an Android ROM developer. I know a ton of telemetry can be detrimental to your freedom, and I hate it myself, but it is a major metric in my job. I've wanted to add telemetry to our open source Android ROM to give me a better idea of what/how features are used. I plan on it being anonymous, only incrementing values on the server.
Do you think open source telemetry is evil?
P.S. I use Arch

Big shout-out to @lunduke for answering this and giving it a community boost for seeing feedback on the idea and giving me more details to consider.

I was so excited to see it answered!

P.s. Not from Cleveland, but Oklahoma City 😄

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@USARedDragon Here's a thought.

Produce two ROMs with and without telemetry. Fully disclose the function and purpose of the telemetry and let the user decide which to download.

You might be surprised to see downloads of your telemetry-enabled ROM do happen.

@USARedDragon @lunduke

Awesome. I think you would encounter a lot less resistence to it if it is up front optional.

@USARedDragon @lunduke The problem is that doing something like this can open up a can worms and sometimes there is no coming back from that.

@paulfree14 oh no! Someone works as a small cog in a company that may have supported ICE?! I guess by that logic, everyone in the military also supports ICE because they are tangentially related. Seriously, fuck off and get a life

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