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finaly done torturing myselc with windows. first time trykng the amh update and i allreadh hate it. gokng back to linux again. it works and nl need to torture myselv wkth it. well works most of the time.

Was suposed to plah vr today, but steam vr just kept chrashing every time i booted. i have no idea whats wrong, but i riped out the ssd for my gnewsense instaltion to put a temporearly wkndows istall on it so i vould play today.

Just sitting in class transfering a program to a water tank system we working on. Takes a while so i head here to find entertainment in the meantime.

Dose anybody know of a good way to transfer large amounts of files from a windows machin to a linux one? Thanks.

The smart phone is the amazing invention that allows you to use less brain cells while you are boared. You are still boared, but your brain don't feel it as much.

@mdbekhit I finshed setting it up. Bot spend to much time comfigurering it. but its not to bad, thanks for letting me know of this


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