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When I'm telling that, "Please try to use free and open source software as much as you can", Usually people ask "Why?"

Do you guys have an answer? What do you say?

Ima say chinnomen. as its what i have to most experience with curently.

I got an idea (while on the toilet) to insted of having a laptop or vm and install a new linux distro on it multipel times a day. I thought hat an intresting idea it be to choose an distro and an enviorment to then live with and use as much as you can for one whole week and then acumulait your thoughts on it to then write a post or something about your experince with using. And yes i know its a lot of works, Thats why its just an idea, and not something i will probobly be bothered to do.

Not sure about you guys... 

Not sure about you guys... 

Not sure about you guys... 

Windows 10. Swearing, as one does. 

I only seen stuff like this ones. and it was a few mouths ago. Kinda impressed at how little i seen sl far tbh.

use freenas for a nas sulution. my drives died tho.

@brandon yes i am using the netboot as to after a long serch on there website it was the only one i could find. Thanks i will try this on then.

@brandon I am trying to install it. but it seems like it wants the network drivers. And dosen't let me continu.

Trying to install debian on an levovo ideapad 720s

Dose anyone know how i can figure out what network drivers i need for my laptop?

I need to Thank @mplammers @gabriel and @murtezayesil for all there help with my ssd problems. As it turned out the ssd is dead. Have replaced it an working fine but i can't thank you three enouth for all the tips and knowleged you have shown me. Thank you.

@mplammers @gabriel Sorry, I tried a few times now and best i get is errors. Its still suck at 136mb and i am thinkling its dead. Will tomorrow atemt to check it physically by opening as i do not have any warenty on it. but I really do apreciat all the help i gotten and i really wish i could thank you enouth. I might come back and say something about how it gose tomorrow with it if i get any sucsess.

@murtezayesil Well, The laptop i did that on dose not have an nvidia grafics card, and it wasen't mirrored ether.

@murtezayesil don't even get me started on all the dumb stuff you can put there. Its defently something to have fun with.

@murtezayesil I know kail is better ment for penetraion testing, but ikd. I like how it comes set up even if most the tools in it is something i do not use. I may find some need for some later down the road tho.

And for pop os, On laptop i supose its fine. Had an issu wear the screen was rotated upside down when i tried it, and on main pc it didn't like displaying on more then one monitor at a time and after that my usb stick kinda broke.

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