I do now see a reason to move to wireless. Its unfortunet, luckely i do have a spear cord at home so its not a hige loss, but i would mabye like to get a new headset anyways as this one is litterly disentegrating. If anyones wondering its a bowers&wilkins P5 seris 2. Gets me cirius. What is your headset of choice?


My dad came home today with these two elitbooks. 8560p (top) and 8530w (buttom). Quite pleased as one included a blu ray drive. Decided to put parabola on one but not sure about the other. as for specs. I7 2600m with amd grafics of some kind (top one) and the other core 2 duo T9600 with an nvidia quatro (buttom ome... again).

But first before tge linux thuch shall be aplyed. I need to clean these two.


I was given an external ssd and was told i am allowd to keep it if i am able to format it. And its truning out to be really atubern and something is defently wrong. I linked a picture showing the error. I hope i can fix ut but at this point i am not sure. If anyone can help it be highly apreciated.


Want to ask for some help with obs on linux and capture cards. Trying to record my pal wii outputtibg 480p of the pal version of twilight princess. i am forcing it using usbloader gx. What my problem is as picture hopefully shows a bit. the screen tebds to flikker a lot. it dosen't stay stable. I gotten this setup to work on windows however with streamlabs, howere there i can't geg audio to work. anyone knows how to fix this. preferebly on linux. thanks.


@mdbekhit I finshed setting it up. Bot spend to much time comfigurering it. but its not to bad, thanks for letting me know of this



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