Dose anybody know of a for on desktop? Or am i stuck with using a web browser?

@Twelve Apparently there's Cuttlefish

I haven't tried it yet but it's worth a look perhaps

Looked at it, bit no onstall instructions so idk quite how to ise it. But thanks for shearibg

I just for now allow twnporary javasxript for peertube instwnces in firefox. Will let me watch your cideos at least

@Twelve @LinuxLounge you don't need javascript to access peertube instances, you can use if you're fine with some limitations in functionality

It works, but no script blocls the videos it seems. Vut other then that, quiye like it

@Twelve @LinuxLounge if you use the "Embedded" option yeah, because that uses iframe which in-turn probably loads some javascript, that's why there are separate options for different resolutions, "Embedded" is meant for those who don't care about javascript or as a backup

Thanks for the help. I wiøl mess around a vit and catch up on some peertube channels.

@Twelve :parabola: :lineageos: LinuxLounge is also on Odysee, it has an official desktop client.

@Twelve I have no practical experience to share about it, but I see #TheDesk is a #Mastodon / #Misskey Client for PC (Windows, Linux, macOS), and it’s #FOSS:

I sypose that could mabye work. I have ised it in the past, buy i am noy sure gow it handles peertube

Looked at that one, xan't find a way to install/use it in any way

@Twelve if its just the watching of vids, mpv with ytdl should work nicely

Dmsure, i could dowbloaf them, but its not particuaørh attractive option. Bot ecwn sure if ytdl dose peertube, but i know you have other options. I do use ytdl to get videos that i rewatch a lot. If not. My storage is at a premium

@Twelve nah, I mean you can just give mpv a video url as an argument and it uses ytdl as a backend to stream it

@jkbr @Twelve or haruhi-dl, where I just made playlist, channel and account support for PeerTube yesterday

@Twelve too bad #newpipe isn't available on desktop I love that it supports #peertube and #youtube

@Twelve I don't, but my immediate thought was that it would be cool if somebody dusted off and breathed life into the old RSS+BitTorrent… and made it speak AP+WebTorrent!

I remember watching "Cherub, the Vampire with Bunny Slippers" on that thing. =)
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