I know i have had a storage issus for quite while now, so i been concidering getting a , dose anyone have any sugestions for a nas solution? I have used freenas in the past, but my hard drives died, do people recomend going with this again or dose someone have a better sugestuons?

@Twelve buy NAS (or server) specific drives. Those are designed to last (even running all the time)

FreeNAS is a very good option. The other libre option is OpenMediaVault which is based in Debian. I prefer OMV because I have more Linux knowledge than BSD knowledge, but both are very good and reliable NAS operative systems.

This is by far the best option. I don't trust Synology or other NAS companies with their own OS, they're proprietary

I do like the boxes they have for them, but i know the makers of freenas makers their own bax, not sure of omv.

And yeah, should probonly get some nas passific drive then try use some old random hdds i had laying around, i was hoping the raidz2 would help save it all when they started to die, but well turned out those drives had over 20 000 houers on them allready and when multipel fails, then yes, you are a bit screwes, luckely i was smart enouth to have a backup of it so no loss

@Twelve @werwolf FreeNAS and OMV are both solid options. I moved to OMV as the FreeNAS plugins system was giving me the shits.

I'm using an HP Microserver and WD red drives. I initially had 2 WD and 2 Seagate but the Seagate died quite quickly and I replaced them with WD. This was many years ago and these days I'd probably go all Seagate.

@Twelve I was faced with the same problem. I thought about building my own and installing freeNAS. I can't remember why I bought a QNAP 4 drive NAS, (and I'm sure that I can't trust the OS that it came with - I can feel the gremlins inside) but it's worked fine in RAID-V for the past four years, running 24/7. Once I installed Optware IPKG it was perfect for my apartment's needs. (I can ssh in and tinker with it like a Raspberry Pi with Terabytes of storage.)

I do quite like those small bixes, particulsry for their loons and hopefully not massiv powerdraw, but the os dose concern me. I might build my own box if i can find a fitting case for it

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