Any recomendaions fot word correcting programs for linux that works with norwegian? Not had any luck with the one build in to libra office so far.


> Any recomendaions fot word correcting programs for linux?

Not sure if that typo was intentional or not, but either way, it's pretty funny/appropriate :D

Yeah, most my words are misspelled. Probobly wjy i need a word correction program. It was mainly the teachers that told me to get one, but idk. The one in libreoffice wasn't working

@Twelve iirc #aspell worked fine for me in the open source chat client #WeeChat.

Looks like #LibreOffice also uses Aspell though? Have you installed the aspell-nb package to get the Norwegian Bokmål dictionary (or aspell-nn for Nynorsk)?

Aspell also works in a standalone mode, so you could try manually checking text files with it to see if the issue is with aspell or with LibreOffice:

@Twelve aspell works great with English and Swedish for me.

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