After talking a bit with people who claim to cear a lot about securety seems to not cear at all about pirvecy. Idk about you but i feel like privecy is a verh importent part of securety. So why these people not ceafing at all and litterly running softwear that is bad for there privecy and therefor there securety? Or am i just dumb and got all this wrong?

@Twelve I think most people don't care. Banks like Wells Fargo in the US are known as being secure, and it probably is secure. But they are the least private bank and no one cares. They share all of your financial data, but its mostly anonymized. I would bet many hardcore FOSS peeps use mainstream financial institutions. I know its a tangent, but it shows that even privacy minded folks aren't always aware of their own privacy.

While I agree with you, I'm not sure there really is any kind of financial institution that advertises itself as being a "privacy first" financial organization. Sure, there's Bitcoin, but it isn't accepted at most places and I have my own reservations about it.

@Twelve I agree that both are important, but security and privacy are two different things.

I belive i said they wear. but i may not been able to express that corretly. Line i mean that to have good securety. having good privexy will help.

@Twelve @kev
Good security reduces the possibility of data leakage, therefore it enhances the privacy. But having the safest connection to a not privacy friendly server/company won't save you and your data.

I believe they complete each other even though they are different things.

Thats what i am feeling as well. Curius on how they do not realt a vit at least.

@Twelve Security is an essential. Privacy is a desirable. One does not depend on the other neither does having one make the other easier to achieve.

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