Sad day when another hard drives dies. Luckely only lost two easialy replacebal files as this was a backup. problem is more that i am running out of high capacety hard drives. But what do i expect from using used hard drives. any recomended drives for backup storge on drives that gonna get pluged in and out a lot?

@Twelve MicroSD cards. Buy a gallon of 64GB cards, set up Raid 1 with at least 6 cards on your backup system (backing up max once a day) and never need to buy any more.

I nether. and knowing me i will loose all the sd cards rather quickly

@Twelve I see multi terabyte drives for not too much these days - meanging to get two, mirror then two more or more , make a raid array

Not really intrested in running them in raid as i use them all externaly. Honestly my biggest hard drives have been 2 1,5 tb and 2 1tb. only one of these works. so defently need more. is 4tb a good start. get to and keep them kinda backed up of eaxhother?

@Twelve they say this is the best brand - backblaze annual report

the problem is i need to find some that are sold more localy. so it be avout 2,5 times more expensive from what i checked last time.

@Twelve The plugging in and out a lot is a concern.

I have a pair of Seagate 500GB drives, in a Linux RAID 10 configuration, that have been running 24/7 for about 8 years now without any failure. S.M.A.R.T. reports them as in old-age state though.

Are you using a quality disk caddy to permit plugging of the drives or are you hot-plugging something like USB?

For any electronic assembly, power-up is a stress point that can reduce lifetime or trigger failure. Quality interface hardware mitigates

i did have a pretty nice one. ot broke tho. so i been using old external hard drive enclusers as the drives in them died. for now locking in to getting 3,5 hard drive bay for a 5,25 front bay. guessing thats the better way as i do not want these running all the time. I did have a nas but half the drives on it died.

But anything particular i should be looking for when buying a interface for them?

@Twelve You should be looking for genuinely hot-pluggable drive caddies.

These apply the ground and power pins in sequence before the data pins. More expensive ones control the state of critical drive signal pins in the period between the power and data pins being connected.

Cheaper, all-at-once, caddies just provide mating connectors which connect power and signals at the same time. These are not safe for hot-plugging of drives.

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