Dose anyone know of a program that compears two hard drives and marks the contebt that are diffrent between them?

@Twelve Do you mean filesystem-wise or bytewise? If the latter, I wrote a Python script a while back…

file system, i need to sort some hard drives and i lost controle of whats backed up or not.

@Twelve Erm… `diff` on `tree`, followed by `find` combined with `cmp`?

@wizzwizz4 The diff command seems to be what i want. Only problem i am having with it is it dosen't seem to work unless it is on my main drive.

@Twelve It only works for mounted drives. Beyond that, I can't really suggest anything more than asking over on *nix Stack Exchange, since I can't visualise the problem you've got.

ok, but thatnks for the help. i can at least get something done now.

@Twelve for directories midnight commander (mc) might be practical

You could try running rsync both ways if you want to have the same files on both drives. I don't use it much, but I think you need the --update flag to avoid overwriting newer files. The --dry-run flag shold show the changes without actually doing anything.

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