So anyone have any tips on ways i can send files yo frinds that are quote big and in large quantetis. I also wanna avoid servises like dropbox. I do have a freenas server if that is usebal.

@Twelve I would suggest the Firefox Send service (up to 1 GB without registration, single download only, 7 days available). I would not recommend registering to avoid tracking, but if you don't mind you may get double the size, multiple downloads. I strongly suggest you encrypt/password protect before uploading.

It could work yeah, however the file size limet is on tge edge unfortunetly

@Twelve if your files are really that huge, make a torrent out of it and send that.

@Twelve Wormhole or OnionShare would work. Neither one has file size limits. Firefox Send would probably be the easiest for your friends to use if they're not very technical.

@Twelve @AppleStrudelMan If you want to share with multiple people perhaps you can start a torrent. That way you only have to send them a very small file.

@Twelve How about from @Framasoft? There's no limit, but files above 500 MB can only be stored for 24 hours.

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