So anybody know a hood way to watch youtube on phone. perferebly through and app on the f-droid store.

Thanks. Just what i downl8aded. Gonna try it oit later today. Gonna really test to see how it deals with my quite bad internett conection of 20/mbps Gonna be intresting

I'm still lost but if you mean ways of watching youtube then there's using a browser like Firefox.

True, but k find it not as convinient on phone. curently trying newpipe and skytube. Skytube dosen't work quite for me and newpipe i messed up i think and not the screen is black. not sure jow to fix it I really love newpipe for this. You can even import your subscriptions and newpipe supports a floating player and background play.

@Twelve the app "new pipe" on f-droid is what i use

Ever encontered tge screen going black when you trh and watch a video?

@Twelve Not the screen going black, but sometimes it won't load/download the video or takes a while.

Seemed like i set it in lisening mode. Not sure how i exit it ones i turned ot on.

@Twelve i couldn't find that setting :/
if force closing it doesn't work, reinstalling it probably would

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