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(Sorry for horibel pic here) so whenever i try to install anything on my :guix: i get this message seen in the pic. I done what it sas but i then have to type something more and i have no idea what that is. My i3 status bar dosen't work because of it. Anyone who can help?

(Yes i forgot to add the pic the first time around)

I am curius, do people think there would ve any point in running a vpn at home to encrypt yoyr traffic while out and about in public?

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Am I the only one who finds it weird, that Netflix makes a documentary about privacy online? 🤔

I have decided I will spend my evening in a jitsi call. I hope some of you wish to join. Please dm me for the room link if you are intresed

I am super happy to have my own matrix homeserver bow up and running. I do see that i have a lot to learn, but this is really fun

Can anyone tell me if cat 6 cable can trigger teft alarms in stores? Its been a problem

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Hi! I was jointly commissioned to illustrate a fairy-like teatime moment depicting Dahlia and Helena. Dahlia is
@nyamomask’s (twitter) lovely character, and Helena is the mused second daughter of Byleth and Lysithea from FE3H. Thank you both for working with me!

#kariavalonart #MastoArt

I have an old acount i wish to delet. Only problem is. When i tried to sign in to delet it it just tells me the username or password is invalid. I tried to reset the password, but it then just gives me an error that the email dosen't exist. I am at a bit of a lost on what to do here.

The reson i want to delet it is that even if inever use it. My old riot login still spams me with notification emails. A solution to ether probobl would be higly aprecaited. Thanks

Not gonna lie. I do have a couple of laptops and all by now, but i do wonder. Why do i have 3 installs. Tbh i never use more then one at a time.

Welp, time to reterminat. Too lazy for it not, but gotta be done. Using this for a laptop so without the clip it falls out too easialy

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The #Peertube application for all instances should be available the next week. It's already working. I need to create/copy some English strings. Also, I need to use triple-T for #FDroid ( and not fastlane as it uses 4 flavors.

I don't think i ever encontered this issue before. On my manharo install i can't seem to be able to mount a dvd. The error code i get sas unknown filesystem type ’udf’

Any idea how to fix this?

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Has anyone become IRL friends with someone they met on #mastodon ?

Please boost I'm curious

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So the IPS screen I got didn’t work, still waiting to hear back from the store I got it from, in the meantime I used the other parts I ordered to make a nice looking GameBoy color

I been having a fun day, got myselv set up with my own server now. Really happy avout this.

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I wish more people were more creative with their style instead of just following what's popular

Like, people need to learn to not care as much about what others think, I mean, go wild, do what you want, make your own style

Be it LED strips, medieval style, something nobody has thought of before, whatever, as long as it's not overly inappropriate and/or offensive

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Can we make masks properly into like a fashion thing too, I think that'd encourage people to use them more often, which'd be good for not only the whole COVID-19 deal, but also for fighting mass surveillance

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I'm a student with interest in software, hardware, and anything inbetween. I'm fascinated by small projects on github, which I can spend hours browsing. I'm a nerd, ricer, and hopefully someday i'll be a proper developer. Message me if you wanna chat about anything, or if you have a project idea that needs people :D

Nice to meet y'all. How are you people anyways?

i use arch btw :P

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You know, I'd really like to find a comparison between 2+ pieces of software (or tools in general, really) that doesn't try to herd people in any particular way. Ideally just stating the demonstrable facts about each in a merely observatory manner.

An example would be Vim vs Emacs stating things like "configurable in Vimscript vs configurable in Elisp", "this license vs that license" "this memory footprint vs that one".

I'm tired of seeing stuff like "bad because <arbitrary reason>".

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