So anyone have any tips on ways i can send files yo frinds that are quote big and in large quantetis. I also wanna avoid servises like dropbox. I do have a freenas server if that is usebal.

So i always had to run a spear ssd with windows for some applications i not gotten to work on linux yet. However it has reaally shown me how teribel of an os it is. Every day windows has hard chrashed. so after force shutting it today my bios has now broken. I cannot use any usb perifials in bios so out with the ps2 keyboard i go and i can't flash a new bios do to tge usb problem. curently trying to run a program to updatet it from a drive if that dosen't work i am stuck resetting the bios.

Had to block the very first acount i think i ever needed to in my life. Witch is bot to bad. Just unfortunet it had to be here but i still think its a great comunety here still. Its extreamly helpfull and honestly o coulden't have been happyer about it.

Has anybody here tried to run an alternetive os on your phone. Veen looking in to it, but its kinda confusing. Like how do i know if my phone is compatibel. if anybody has tried any i'd love to here about it and your experience with it
WARNING: Replying to this toot may result in questioning.

While trying out newpipe. I encontered a problem. whenever i now clik on a video tge entrier screen gose black. dose anybody know how to fix this. I am pretty sure it was something i tuched by acident

So anybody know a hood way to watch youtube on phone. perferebly through and app on the f-droid store.

Forgot to set up a hard drive for the vm while trying to install debian.Ginuis

I love it when i forgwt the domain name to all my debian installs. gonna write it down this time.

Is there anything spessial you need to do to get the tor browser working in linux mint? I Try install it but when i do that nothing happns. I also been unsucsessfull well whiling using the proxy in the icecat browser. However i have been able to get it too work perfectly fine the same way (with the tor browser) In Gnewsens and Manjaro. Andybody know what could be up?

So, todayarks the day our 42" pionair 1080i plasma screen tv bit the dust. An explasion was heard probobly beeing a capacitor. Repairs would be most likly psibel. However with perents wanting something new anyways i guess i will be scraping that screen and see if i can get some vomponents out of it at least. No idea what our next tv is gonna be tho.

Dose any have any distros and desktop enviorments you would recomend for school work?

So, dose anyone know of a good foss sulution to discord?

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I'm not sure about "complete", but fairly comprehensive anyway.

"Alternatives to Google Products (Complete List) "

I am mad, came 1 houer and 30 minutts to earlier for school today duo to nobody told me we wear starting early. We need a better system for telling people these stuff and stuff like Facebook is not the tool for it.

My laptop has an amazing batgery life of: Next time you gonna use me. I am emtye

I just wanna say. Only having 6 people out of 400 come up to an exam is dumb. And yes, I am quite pissed now.

Is anyone here any good at decodibg drunk people lanugeag? I know its basically what i speak 90% of the time but i think i might beed some help with this one.

I am a master at acedently hitting stuff wkth my head. Lamps, done it and now there is blood every wear. Busses. Yeah i dl nit know how. Poore design i guess.

Having water inside your crt is a bad thing right?

Want to ask for some help with obs on linux and capture cards. Trying to record my pal wii outputtibg 480p of the pal version of twilight princess. i am forcing it using usbloader gx. What my problem is as picture hopefully shows a bit. the screen tebds to flikker a lot. it dosen't stay stable. I gotten this setup to work on windows however with streamlabs, howere there i can't geg audio to work. anyone knows how to fix this. preferebly on linux. thanks.

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