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(Sorry for horibel pic here) so whenever i try to install anything on my :guix: i get this message seen in the pic. I done what it sas but i then have to type something more and i have no idea what that is. My i3 status bar dosen't work because of it. Anyone who can help?

(Yes i forgot to add the pic the first time around)

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Instead of YouTube use LBRY, Odysee or PeerTube
Instead of Twitter use Mastodon
Instead of FaceBook stop putting your personal life on the internet

Got a email saying the tv i ordered got delaid again. This id the second time
Origibal delivery day was 02.04, then got moved to 08.03 and now it got moved to 08.03, makes sens.

Dose anybody know of a for on desktop? Or am i stuck with using a web browser?

Just feels a liytle creepy having a camera pointing out of my windoes.

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when you use mac or linux for a while you go open windows and you're like damn i can't believe people actually put up with this shit

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Dear Mastodon, we're ~60 followers away from 12K! Can you help us get there?

Help by spreading the word that:

🔵 Privacy is a human right.

🔵 Tracking & surveillance are widespread on the internet.

🔵 Tor is a nonprofit that can help you take back your privacy online.

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Hard to get pictures, but super exited to have gotten 2 today. They tiny and adorebal, and i find it so cutr that they got born in a cardboard box.

Anyone else who tapes up the fibgerprint sensor on their phones? Or anything else for that matter.

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As this is my new new account here I’ll have to do a profile, it’ll probably read like “Used to do Social Media for . If you know Twitter I created the yearly Audio Challenge (now in its 11th year) I’m the soon to be UK Sticker Rep for , oh and I work in IT”.

Planed on trying to set up a server today, but i am not sure what server is recomended, the main ones that stands out to me are and i can also use buy i don't know what the diffrences are, what dose the recomend?

Anyone with any idea on how to orgenize a bunch of micro sd cards?

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Trying out a bigger canvas with more Kezhong! This size was difficult to work with 😅

#MastoArt #fanart #GenshinImpact

Tripped when gping over to close my dorr and my laptop fell as i got couth in a wite, it fell down on a thin pice of metall so got this dent, but pretty happy too see it survie quite fine tbh. Firt pick is the damage to the laptop, and the decond is the usb to sata cage i use for external drive, do have spears of that so no biggy

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Just a reminder to not forget to switch keyboards on your Android phone if you wish your messages to remain private, which might easily be overlooked

GBoard can and most likely will leak things to Google

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If you come across an annoying bot detection software running on your favourite server or website which one do you find less annoying

buss, seat belts, complaints 

I know not everyone will have busses in tgeir area with searbelts, but here they do. And they do fin you for not using them. So if you are a resonbal person, would make sens to you know, ise them. Ombut today thats not been possibel, why? Well all the seatbelts a vroken. And on two busses, so i am qyite disepointed to even see this, i would send in a conplaint, but their complaint system requeris way to much personal informstion that i can't agree to send in.

I know i have had a storage issus for quite while now, so i been concidering getting a , dose anyone have any sugestions for a nas solution? I have used freenas in the past, but my hard drives died, do people recomend going with this again or dose someone have a better sugestuons?

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