@snowdrift Hey there! I've just found out about your project and was wondering about your rationale for this type of funding.
It seems counter intuitive to me, to exclude people who want to make smaller donations.

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EU + encryption + privacy 

26 people already signed a petition at the European Parliament against the adoption of an EU Council's resolution to weaken encrypted communications. This is the Council's proposal:

Residents in EU member states are invited to support the petition here:


Caught your attention? Read this too: patrick-breyer.de/?page_id=594

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Since Gab illegally restricted access to their code on GitLab (Eugen can sue them now, btw) here’s a mirror of the commits so you can be informed about their SQL injection vulnerability.

The SQL injection was introduced here: https://gitlab.com/alexgleason/gab-social/-/commit/fb3b7545705153022c24bb072fbdb3925b8cbfeb

And it was patched here: https://gitlab.com/alexgleason/gab-social/-/commit/6e42e3b1eca73c306db1580719a3a1bfb715f6d8

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Soooo Gab has been popped with an SQLi apparently. Isn’t Gab a fork of @Mastodon? Someone should really look at whether Mastodon is vulnerable too.


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Can we please stop using Discord for Free software and open source projects, thanks!

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As someone with several years of C++ experience but little in C or Rust, I find Rust way more readable.

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TIL that I'm the maintainer of xpenguins package on Debian (I started adopting it a few years ago but never finished the process).

I was contacted by someone who is working on updating it and would like to package the new version.

Any Debian maintainers or developers willing to mentor/help me with it?

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Should today's websites be usable with deactivated javascript?

@nitrokey Hi, I think I don't quite understand the use-case of NitroKeys for OTPs. How is different from using an OTP-enabled password manager on my computer that stores my OTP-secret in an encrypted format? (like pass-otp for example)

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What are your whatsapp chat export solutions? Would like to export my whatsapp chats in pdf or html to view and serch in later.

Well here we go then:

I've already checked things out here a year ago, but only recently came to stay when the birdsite was pressuring me to tell them my phone number.
I'm a CS student and smart-ass living in Germany. My interests include Crypto, Compilers, Networks, Unix and music.
Generally like learning new things though.

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I talked to my spouse. I feel such lust.

— Eral Onolkebon, Recruit

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at mastocon, instead of one ballpit, we have seven hundred ballpits, each of which contains exactly one ball

dumb question 

Is there something scripting-wise that is between a shell script and python?
Like I want to be able to just call external programs and pipe around their output without a fuss, but also don't want to use bash's horrible syntax and limited control structures...🤔
Basically I want a regular programming language that has built-in syntax for piping and subprocesses.

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