There has been another outrageous invasion of here in

Armed men with automatic rifles and body armor methodically went to every apartment and demanded to see papers and contents of the phones. Apparently it was a raid/hunt on russian 'saboteur and reconnaissance elements'.

But if you pretended nobody home they just moved on. This halfhearted approach makes whole affair futile and the invasion of privacy meaningless. I guess justifies any injustice.

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So it took just 19 days for Aliexpress order to arrive in Very impressive logistics work. They also bundled three orders into one.

Since the start of the russian invasion the crime in went noticeably down but for some reason there are more fatal car accidents than usual.

Look like Aliexpress has resumed shipping to

It took 10 days after corresponding local delivery network announcement to actually work.

In the peace time it took 3-4 weeks for parcels to arrive. Let's see how quick it will be now.

There is 100% Impermanent Loss Protection they said... most of the time...

put a ban in a law for the public performance or demonstration of russian artist's songs and videos. There is an exception for those artists publicly speaking against the . The white list is maintained by the National Security and Defense Council of Ukraine.

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I don't care what content marketers or SEO people tell you, put a date on your articles. It matters.

100th day of invasion statistics - a total of 374 air raid alerts in my area, 11 days and 8 hours in total length.

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Steven Rostedt gave a talk "Dynamically allocated pseudo-filesystems" at LSFMM in which he suggests a way to save RAM used for pseudo-filesystems, such as sysfs, debugfs, and tracefs, in the Linux kernel.

Maybe it is a new hope for low RAM home routers to fit in them again?

[LWN paywall]

Recap part 2:

The shift of subscribers to the less populated areas resulted in overload of 900Mhz 4G network. In some places to the point of complete lack of service. The government allocated additional 5Mhz in 2100Mhz band but the company wants an access to 2300Mhz band to offload 4G even further. The talks are ongoing.

solutions are a nice patch but are easily overloaded by 10 subscribers.

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Very interesting article about migrations in in numbers from a cellphone provider's point of view. (UA lang)


Migration trend reversal is noticed, people are coming back.

Poland accepted 35%
Germany accepted 15%
Czechia 7%
Italy 5%
Moldova 2%
Romania 2%

Internal migration was 8.7M of that particular provider's subscribers. 4M of those were long-distance moves within Ukraine and the rest 4.7M moved out of large cities to nearby town and villages.

Curfew time has been further shrunk by one hour. Now it begins at 11pm instead of 10pm. More time to spend with friends supporting country's economy with taxes! 🍻

Aliexpress refuses to deliver to right after the Pay button press. As if could not said earlier. Imagine the frustration of not being able to buy break pads for my

I live on a river and notice more people fishing than usual. Nice to have another source of sustenance. Boat travel is prohibited under Martial law in so there is hardly a free spot on the river bank here.

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