@distrotube@mastodon.technology I'm actually kind of liking this! I just need to figure out how to configure it completely to make it 'Mine"!

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@distrotube@mastodon.technology Come on? I started the rumors... Play along here would ya???

Question for the group here...
When you cat a markdown file in a terminal window is there a way to get it to display in markdown? I'd imagine its possible with another command perhaps?

🤔 I ran Debian for years. The position I was in required me to run a stable environment and I was content with that. Times change though and I switched to Arch last year and I haven't looked back. Well unless you count this TOOT...

@kev I keep 2 fully planted nano tanks on my desk here with me. Keeps me occupied.

@brinewine67 If you were to ask that same person just how much they use Google in a day they won't have a definitive answer either. Google has taken over so much from Nest devices to android phones. I literally can't figure out exactly without sitting down and going over my day from one moment to the next.

Do you think we will ever get away from Google completely or has it come too far to just let go?


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