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@switchedtolinux May you have a look at Guilded, pleasie?πŸ™ƒ
It looks very similar to Discord, and is fancy!😌🌸
Could create a little server! 🀩

Friends, I will be moving to for a bit.

Sorry for this inconvenience.

I'm pretty sad because I have people around me who are unable to say "thanks" but are annoyed if something I provide for free doesnt work perfectly or they have to do something. :blobcatcry2:

This week in the Weekly News Roundup looks at a company seeking to sell your car's location data to the military, several security breaches, and Amazon creating a game out of their factory work. We also look at some SillyVille.

9:00p EST

Is daylight saving time pointless in 2021?

Yes... I'm the original holder of this picture, that I once posted on reddit πŸ˜†

It happened to me on Microsoft Excel in university, where everything started crashing... I was puzzled by that prompt...

Which season you 🧑?

Today I feel like putting an "Out of order" sticker on my forehead, then go back to bed...

Eugen is such a child...
He shadow muted me from, none of my followers from there can see my posts...

All this cause science, and he disliked I brought up science facts that went against *his* philosophical perceptions...

In my experience, mastodon as a whole has more censorship than Twitter ...

Like I moved instance, now leave me alone!

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