Mistakes have been made! Time to evaluate the Figular project so far - have we misunderstood our audience and can it ever be useful? 😬 Read the new blog post:


Create some beautiful org chart and hierarchical diagrams with our new Figure. Read the blog post here: figular.com/post/2022021618071 or try it right now: figular.com/tryit/org/orgchart

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Here’s your Monday morning cup of coffee. Orange and red fountain pen on A4.

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The first rough prototype of Figular is now available! Come get a nice graphic and let me know your thoughts. Read the release post figular.com/post/2021110410000 or jump right in and try it figular.com/tryit/

Our new website is live! Read the story behind our founding as we get started on the journey: galagic.com/post/2020030413420

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We are screening the ActivityPub Conference videos as they come in. What I can tell you so far, without spoilers:

These. Talks. Are. Awesome.

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I agree with the authors central premise, though I'm not certain about the whole "blockchaininess" of it all. Honestly, I'm still not sold on blockchain. Thoughts?

"The biggest problem with centralization is that it takes control and power out of the hands of ordinary internet users. "



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