@TheFuzzStone we need a hard fork of the new FF code, so that it becomes the 2nd Pale Moon with a more modern engine. Then all the cruft code needs to be removed and optimised

@fatboy @TheFuzzStone I think there is no more a depressing topic than web browsers. Its all just .. just absolutely terrible.

LibreWolf is a good start, but fatboy is correct — its not enough to chase FF, we need a real genuine hard fork and just split ways entirely after that.


I hadn't heard of it before now. I like their goals and ideas. I don't see it replacing Abrowser for me but could see their future Android version getting used by me or on distros where I can't get Abrowser.

@TheFuzzStone First time I read about it. And have a good first impression.

Usually websites without any JS show that people actually care.

Also they chose Gitlab over Github. Would prefer seeing such a project on #Codeberg though ;)


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