I've never been a fanboy of .

After this story, I decided to delete Signal and find a really safe and private alternative, but at the same time as user-friendly as possible.

Today I will be testing :

@TheFuzzStone let the update come first. Experience it with a fresh non-biased mind and then decide to keep or uninstall signal.

@TheFuzzStone I think the problem is that it doesn't allow offline messaging due to its decentralized nature? Both sides have to be online at the same time in order to deliver messages.

@gandalf86, I once tested Jami (then it was still called Ring in 2016-2017) and you're right, then you had to have both contacts online.

Now, it seems to me that you can send messages offline and the other side will receive them when they appear online.

@kabo, love it and use it since ~2016 (since it was

Yeah same here. I use it instead of signal with people that have it. I have jami as well but don't really use it as element does everything I need. I do like the decentralized component though.

@kabo, I want to find something as user-friendly as possible to communicate with parents by video calls...

@deputt, Yes, unfortunately you're right... I'm currently playing with Jami, doing different tests, what works and what doesn't, and yes, there are still some problems with UX.

It looks like it's very early days on their Swarm solution that makes it p2p instead of purely self-hostable. It appears it was blank-slate design rather than learning from other products' solutions to the basic issues when running fully p2p.
Using git as the underlying mechanism is at least different, but the real p2p design difficulties are in the networking, less so in rectifying state.

I'll follow your journey, but I'm interested in your use-case needs.
1. Hosting: centralized, self-hosted centralized, federated, or p2p?
2. P2P security: e2e+server, pure e2e, metadata anonymizing, untrusted contacts?
3. Discoverability: Unique ID, or linked to existing email/phone?
4. Functionality: text only, pics/vids, files, audio chat, video chat?

@aaravchen, The fact is that after thinking more deeply on this issue, I decided that I will still look for a self-hosted with e2e encryption, with video chat option.

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