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Full control of every economic interaction. The holy grail of surveillance capitalism. Brought to you by Signal.

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@t0k @TheFuzzStone

Wow just realized there is a GNU payment tool in an advanced state of development. Anonymous shopping but auditable and accountable for sellers.



@jcast @TheFuzzStone Yes! I'm not really into it but to me makes much more sense than all those crypto-coins together. Especially because it does NOT introduce a new currency.

This makes it not interesting for speculation.

Also this will actually have a chance to be accepted by governments.

@t0k @TheFuzzStone

Yes good points. For me the greatest win is actual buyer anonymity, whereas even Monera and other privacy centered coins were found to be vulnerable to traceability.

Also it would be terrible to have such opaque blockchain coins as mainstream. Tax evasion, illegal/dark activities and speculation are enabled.

@jcast @TheFuzzStone To me a good digital payment system has similar properties as cash. Buyer stays anonymous, seller has to do tax declarations. Taler seems to go into this direction.

Also I fell that the motivation of the people behind GNU Taler is 'good'. It does not smell like venture capital / hype / speculation.

Feels like they try to create a solution that actually reflects the needs of normal people.

@jcast @t0k @TheFuzzStone >however, in practice a fraudulent Exchange might go bankrupt instead of paying the Merchants and thus the Exchange will need to be audited regularly like any other banking institution.

Very practical observation

@mithrandir @TheFuzzStone @jcast I'd wish to understand more about financial systems & regulations.

You think this boils down on "only banks can provide Taler"?

(I have no clue yet how Taler works)

@jcast @mithrandir @TheFuzzStone Ok, but if Buyers anonymity is guaranteed this is still great.

@t0k @mithrandir @TheFuzzStone

Which by the way it's a great upgrade to banking if it catches on. Buyer anonymity. Think VISA? I'm in Europe, living and shopping and VISA in the US knows my shopping habits?

@jcast @mithrandir @TheFuzzStone Yep, good point. I'm not so much into payment systems, but I also have the impression that a lot of information is redirected to the US.

@t0k @mithrandir @TheFuzzStone

Yes, for example Russia demanded VISA that payments from Russian citizens to local businesses were processed in their territory, and this was denied. Of course it's a very interesting source of intelligence.

@t0k @TheFuzzStone @jcast I would say that, the point is that banks evolved into their modern form because they provided cash like Taler does, so it makes sense that anything that provides Taler would be essentially a bank.

@mithrandir @TheFuzzStone @t0k

It's a very practical approach. I believe they are already working with banking systems, in Spain I think?

I believe it's designed to be a digital form of cash that sucks less.

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