@TheFuzzStone I'm so confused, why would New Vector has the same name as the client?? Argh

@TheFuzzStone As much as I agree, and as much as I love even more private, cloud(crime)flare protecting the page! No words!

@TheFuzzStone good as in "picking a non-unique unsearchable name"?

@grin, I know what you mean. Yeah, maybe not the most "unique" name, but still, better than , IMO.

@TheFuzzStone Too many riots; they don't want to be associated with them :0010:

@TheFuzzStone they just had to use a hard-to-seaech-for term as a name, again

@kuba @TheFuzzStone this. And also a huge portion of self irony considering the definition of an element. Well, I guess at least they also ship with that single #electron eh? 🤓

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