Here it is, "financial privacy" with a passport, again for (+ ).


I liked the words: "We are helping regulated businesses look at transactions on the blockchain and fully support people's rights to financial privacy" - it's like having sex in the name of virginity.


But what happens when privacy is offered as an option: "If funds are seen to come from a shielded address, that might then trigger some additional compliance processes."

Privacy should be the default, because in other cases it just doesn't work.

"We provide transaction screening tools for exchanges and don’t plan to offer our functionality on something like Monero where everything is private by default." - personally, it hurts me that the guys aren't even trying to deal with .


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"We believe there needs to be a balance between privacy and transparency and specifically blockchains like Bitcoin achieve this balance." - Nice! The lack of privacy in Bitcoin is served with a "balance between transparency and privacy" sauce.

You have to sell this idea to crypto-experDs-blockchain-influencers so they can start shilling it to their audience.


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"... That doesn’t necessarily mean those funds are bad or illicit in some way; firms just need to know in order that they can take the appropriate next steps." - or in simple words - blocking funds and requesting tons of papers + photos of your whole family with passports.

Again, I don't like the fact that analytical companies aren't trying to track anymore.

Come on, guys, don't give up, try and maybe you can do something. 😉


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@TheFuzzStone it's true, althourgh it's nice to see how much public bitcoin addresses got(.

@techit, not for me. I have my public address to which someone can send me a tip, but I try to use only everywhere because I care about my financial privacy.

@TheFuzzStone I guess you need to report the amount of Monero you've got anyway to the regulator.

@techit, taxation is theft.

I live in a country where politicians and officials steal in ways that most people in Europe, Canada, the United States, and other rich countries can't even imagine.

Although I will leave Ukraine in the near future, I do not want any problems so far, and I do not want to answer your question publicly.

@TheFuzzStone all those altcoins seems bullshit, their market cap is very low, and are not secure as bitcoin is.
Every startup starts it's own coin that will probably won't last.
There are great ideas, but for now I think you should invest in bitcoin, you could rewash you're money by buying altcoins, but still

@techit @TheFuzzStone monero and zcash looks promising, unfortunately zcash begin to rot (rust)

@techit, for a long time is no longer interesting to me, primarily because of the lack of .

Also, most of the community doesn't differ from the shitcoin shillers which yell "Just buy it!" at every step. (see popular in Twitter)

That's why I (personally) found a better alternative - . I like the philosophy of this community.

I never told anyone to buy XMR, and I never will, I just contribute to the Monero project and sharing info with others.

@techit, I don't give financial advices. Everyone should , especially in -community.

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