I like app more than , because of one big feature - adding local feeds of other instances.

Question - what desktop client for has the feature of adding local feeds of other instances?

And continuing this topic... I think it would be great if the web version had this option to add other local feeds.

For example, right now I want to see how our neighbors are doing: mastodon.technology, linuxrocks.online, social.privacytools.io and a couple more.

What should I do? Use a phone for this?

That's why I'm looking for some desktop client to solve this case.


Seriously, I keep thinking about how cool it would be if the web version allowed you to add local feeds of other instances.

A real distributed (and convenient) social network.

The Fosstodon user can easily and **conveniently monitor** other instances.

Lists and monitoring of individuals does not solve the problem, IMO.

Hey, @Gargron, please, see this thread.

What do you think about this option for the web version of Mastodon?

Dear , and other / people,

I've created this issue:


Please join the discussion and give your opinion about this suggestion.

ping: @fosstodon, @mike, @kev, @ashfurrow, @omnipotens, @jonah

@wizzwizz4, I don't know is it ok or not... 😅

If you like the idea, and you support it, then I think it's okay.

If there's anything you want to say or add to what I said, feel free to do it. I'm really wondering how many people need this feature besides me.

@TheFuzzStone @wizzwizz4 gave the thumbs up as well. Been using this feature from a phone app several times already.

imo the whole instance based account management needs some enhancements. E.g. I have accounts on two themed instances because I don't feel like half my content would be suitable for the other account's instance topic. But there should really be some more options to subscribe to certain topics from an account instead of the whole account. Feeds are crowded enough already.

@Halbeard @TheFuzzStone But we don't have a way to sort our stuff into topics. Would adding another button to the existing 4 be worth it?

@wizzwizz4 @TheFuzzStone went off on a tanget there of only one aspect of multiple account/instance management. But actually it could already be implemented by allowing subscriptions to hashtags + a user specific filter like it already exists on a web view of a profile. A next step would be to let a user conciously manage what kind of content a subscriber could expect.

Maybe I should open a related github issue myself.

@TheFuzzStone @fosstodon @mike @kev @ashfurrow @omnipotens @jonah yes! This is the one feature Mastodon is missing for me. I know you can sort of do it with fedilab, but it should be a part of the masto web client as well

@cavaliertusky, you don't have to ping everyone in your reply 😅...

Anyway... boost is appreciated.

@TheFuzzStone @fosstodon @mike @kev @ashfurrow @omnipotens @jonah Probably worth mentioning Qoto has it but it's not worth going there for it because they associate with Gab, and thus it seems fair to add it to mainline Mastodon

@TheFuzzStone @fosstodon @mike @kev @ashfurrow @omnipotens @jonah That is to say, if shady modified instances are already using it, meaning that the feature is already available to bad actors who would use it, it makes sense to canonise it to mainstream Mastodon so it can be regulated and accounted for and opted out of.

@TheFuzzStone @fosstodon @mike @kev @ashfurrow @omnipotens @jonah So like, if an instance representing a marginalised or oft-harrassed community wants to protect themself from remote local timeline reading, there should be a standard implementaiton to protect from.

Failing that, we need local only posts, the remote-timeline-viewing cat is out of the metaphorical bag and people need the tools to protect from it if necessary.

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