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⚠️ WARNING: Using FOSS can have a harmful effect on large corporations and reduce their influence on your life, or even bankrupt them.

Did you know that hosts a public instance of Bifröst for XMPP bridging? This means that you can chat with your stubborn friends on Matrix using XMPP (and vise versa). You can even join group chats!

@ITwrx @dajbelshaw @TheFuzzStone Totally! Cryptocurrency is about putting the money back in the hands of the People as we do not need banks, which are all integrated into the evil #IMF system anyhow.

@dajbelshaw @cryptoduke @TheFuzzStone for me it's not about being careful, as much as reclaiming freedom. Financial freedom is a prerequisite of other freedoms.
@dajbelshaw @cryptoduke @TheFuzzStone "the authorities" can attempt to confiscate "tainted" btc, or investigate everyone a certain transactional distance from whatever crime/BS non-crime they are investigating, for instance.
@dajbelshaw @TheFuzzStone this is one reason why i prefer xmr/Monero. Eventually all btc is "tainted" and "the authorities" will use this to mess with people if/when they can get away with it. The tracking capabilities are superior to cash, so it's not really the same threat level for me.

People who are engaged in exchanging and other crypto - please tell me where you check "cleanliness" of ? (tainted bitcoin or not)

In the six months that I've been offline, I'm glad to see that [matrix] and Element continue to evolve! 🙂

It seems to me that at the moment this is the best solution for newcomers in terms of privacy, you just have to register even on the main server (which used to suffer from various bug in the past) and download a nice app on your smartphone.

@TheFuzzStone Today I got my grandma to install #Blabber. She managed to send me an encrypted #OMEMO 🐟 message! From this, I can conclude that it's really easy to use. It's great that #encryption becomes easier and easier to use, even for non-tech people.

#accessibility #privacy

Dear enthusiasts, please advise me a place where it is easy to monitor all the news related to .

No, but still, maybe there are people among you who do not believe my words and who have never used , but only or and paid huge fees.

See the screenshot.

0.00001881 * 210 = 0.0039501 USD (fee)

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Which / client for do you like the most?

Just a reminder - Monero is great for secure and private micropayments.

I sent a transaction today and paid 0.00024 USD fee.


I don't use anymore and don't intend to use it in the future.

If you need to contact me in a safer and open source environment:

Matrix: @TheFuzzStone


Telegram: @TheFuzzStone (ID: 253373664)

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I remember when I started using in 2017, I remember linking my accounts, I remember its bugs on Linux, and I remember what hopes I had for the project (not just for me), but all that disappeared as soon as they decided to sell their asses to Zoom.

Important question.
I will read all your answers.

It does not matter what country you are a resident.

How do you pay taxes from Bitcoin and other crypto? What % do you pay?

Eh, all crypto news for the last half year is very difficult to review.

Please give a couple of interesting links to stories about how Bitcoin users were hurt by lack of privacy in , and a couple more about tainted .

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