Say 👋 to Nextcloud Hub, a big change for Nextcloud!
🗄 Files - workspaces, file locking
🤖 Flow - automates boring tasks
📝 Built in office
📅 Calendar 2.0: Talk meetings, busy view
📩 Mail 1.0 recognizes itineraries
🗣 Talk brings replies
And much more!

Huge concratulations to the #nextcloud team for the 18.0.0 release ("Nextcloud Hub").

You all did an amazing job and this looks like a freakin huge attack against the spyware^w providers from overseas!

Ability to translate bio?

From May to October 2017, I was quietly trading under someone else's name. 🙂

There's one 1 satoshi left in my account.

, take it for yourself. It was a lot of adrenaline to trade in someone else's name, at a time when you started blocking everyone randomly.

P.S. Your previous UI was better than the present one.

I am writing a tutorial for . I needed screenshots to show how works. I accidentally logged into my account...

Hey, Exchange, I walked away from you as soon as you started blocking everyone in 2017.

In 2017 's identity verification system was a real hole, and I figured out how this system checks the identity (thanks to users who left feedback after identifying their true identity).

Plasma 5.18 LTS Beta is out for testing for the next three weeks! 🌬️

Emoji Selector, global edit mode, improved touch-friendliness, better GTK app support,weather widget gets breezy with windy conditions and much more.

So, suck it . You will not get any of my personal information, you will not be able to sell it, you will not be able to show me ads and you will not be able to "measure their effectiveness".

Take care of your .

The AutoDelete Cookie Extension is configured in a way that as soon as I close the tab with any site it automatically removes all associated with that site.

I also use custom settings for my lovely :

Sites recognize me as a 10 user with Firefox 68 (which is not true);

policy... 😒

Yeah, I pressed "Ok" because I wanted to see their latest news.

But, my "Ok" is probably different from most of their readers.

Why's that?

1) My privacy is protected by and (with KillSwitch);

2) I'm with Firefox with useful open source extensions:

I don't see any ads, at all.

Mozilla lays off 70 as it waits for new products to generate revenue

...Mozilla chairwoman and interim CEO Mitchell Baker specifically mentions the slow rollout of the organization’s new revenue-generating products as the reason for why it needed to take this decision. The overall number may still be higher, though, as Mozilla is still looking into how this decision will affect workers in the UK and France. In 2018....

#mozilla #layoffs

Dear users who are cross-posting from twitter: it really makes no sense, especially if you are mentioning twitter accounts. It is somehow comparable with a dual-boot windows/linux installation: at one point you have to decide for your favorite OR post your tweets on twitter and your toots on mastodon.

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