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⚠️ WARNING: Using FOSS can have a harmful effect on large corporations and reduce their influence on your life, or even bankrupt them.

The Big Friend of every Bitcoin maxi says that Bitcoin is controlled by large mining companies.

What an amazing time we live in - a millionaire throwing poop at a group of people who recently prayed at him.

The dude rocks the market, and Bitcoin maxis and "influencers", naive as children, jumping to prove something to him.

Dear John McAfee, when Elon joins you, take care of him.

Bitcoin maxs on Twitter haven't been feeling well for the past ~20 hours. Lol.

Crypto OTC market needs a stablecoin on Monero.

More than once I saw similar thoughts on the OTC market from different people, and today I saw it again.

3/ And then a thought comes to mind... Since the big guys are getting into Bitcoin (that's what BTC community wanted), why don't the big guys pay extra money to miners for "clean" BTCs, say, +10% of current price, and thereby economically stimulate other pools to be obedient with all the consequences of compliance?

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2/ Okay, that might work. Assuming that most of the large pools are obedient, how long would you then have to wait for a smaller pool to include your "wrong" transaction in the block? A couple of days?

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1/ Just a thought about Bitcoin and clean block mining.

Today I listened to a podcast w/ lopp ("Jameson Lopp: Bitcoin Mining and Censorship").

He said that he hopes the game theory of the network will continue to resist censorship, and that even if most pools are obedient (in terms of compliance) and censor transactions to some addresses, then in theory you should just increase the transaction fee and all will be fine, because you economically incentivize other miners not to censor you.

This tweet should be shown to all newcomers who come to crypto from social media.

What a "pity" that Bitcoin doesn't have a central bank to project this on the wall. (c)

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Do we already have funny from the community about Bill Gates and his divorce?

Just watched Ukrainian news, and found .

And I have a different opinion about the Ukrainian police and illegal casinos...

Wow, I didn't know that.

The fact that Liquid is a custodial solution for exchanges was enough for me and I didn't even study it at all.

Oh, yeah, there's also, like, a lot of privacy. Uh-huh, thanks.

I assume that Bisq received some financial help from Blockstream for implementing Liquid.

Hopefully Bisq will eventually stop crying about the 0.18 BTC grant from Samourai Wallet for Haveno DEX.

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