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⚠️ WARNING: Using FOSS can have a harmful effect on large corporations and reduce their influence on your life, or even bankrupt them.

Do you want to support Friendica? We are currently in the late phase of the 2020.09 development cycle. With the release not too far in the future. One thing everybody can help are translations of the Friendica web interface.

So if you happen to speak English and another language and have some spare time. That could be something for you :D

Translation is done using the Transifex service, which gives you a simple way to edit the translations in you web browser. You do not need to fiddle around with source code or git, we will update the sources of Friendica for you.

Thanks in advance :) <3


@TheFuzzStone this is really interesting; I got an nvidia card on my system too. Curious how this plays out because like one commenter mentioned, many servers use these drivers (not to mention supercomputers). If big clients winds up being the push for nvidia to share the drivers then whoah.

Otherwise my gut wants to say they’re really smart and have the ability to fork their own Linux distro if they feel like it 😛

@TheFuzzStone OK, maybe I became a hater but I don't know why I see the word "NVIDIA" it makes me feel so fucking angry. I read the discussion in and I still don't know why FOSS should do tricky things to support all the NVIDIA's crap. This is another post about modifying Mesa to support fucking nvidia

FOSS community should have self love and fuck nvidia off.

Oh, isn't that cute?

It turns out that Intel (or OEM) will be doing charity work with the new Tiger Lake processors. /s

I was waiting for their presentation. Now with even more confidence I will buy a Ryzen-based laptop.

saying happy birthday on facebook: :eyeroll: :angery: :grr:

saying happy birthday on masto: :thinkergunsunglasses: :hotboi: :ahegao:

Good review for Yoga Slim 7 by some chinese guy...

And the auto-translate is just 😅

9/ In general, since I am now looking for a good laptop with 7, I will have to wait another month or two, and if Yoga Slim 7 (or Pro) does not appear on the market, then I will again review a bunch of info to find a decent laptop.

It would have been easier if hadn't saved money on the quality of the chassis + slightly better display, then I would buy Code 01 / Pulse 15 / / Via Pro 15.

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8/ I have never monitored and I do not know if it is their normal behavior or not.

Oh, yes, and a portion of idiocy is solder 16 Gb RAM for products with 7 4800U, and even dumber to do it for Ryzen 9 4900H.

So Lenovo want you to buy their products more often, or the person who is responsible for the development of laptops is drinking a lot or sitting on heavy drugs. A sane person would not have thought of this.

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7/ All over the Internet you can find people who are hunting for this laptop, and finding it is very difficult right now.

Next, it's better. announced several other Yoga products and I'm personally interested in Slim 7 Pro (with 4900H).

And you know what? You won't find it anywhere, not even on YouTube.

In its press release Lenovo promised that starting from August it will be available for EMEA countries. Tomorrow is September.

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6/ Thoughts about .

I'm not a fan of their products, I've never used their products, just because there was no opportunity.

But they seemed to me a very strange company...

At first they announced a Slim 7 (14") with a 7 4800U, but, how long has it been and all the articles and reviews that come out say, "It's a cool laptop, but you can't buy it".

The question is, why the fuck did you announce it then?

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5/ At the moment, I seem to be interested in two options (with a matte screen), but they are not yet on sale...

1) Slim 7 Pro (

2) Lenovo Yoga Slim 7 (

14" display... I have to check if it will be comfortable for me. I will go to the store and look at 14" laptops.

I have not found any alternatives so far. Lenovo's build quality should be better than 's.

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4/ Most likely it will not be interesting for you, but I decided to continue this thread...

Some bad news:

We will have to wait, because I do not see any good alternatives to this set yet.

I'm starting to think about sacrificing a little bit of performance (thinking of the 7 4800U) towards the display and chassis build quality. But so far I don't see any alternatives for me.

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2/ Yesterday I spent all day searching for information, but I could not choose my future laptop.

The large and very detail post about Code 01:


The owner said that he doesn't have that fan issue pressing down on the case.

. Please tell about it. I've never owned a Lenovo. People are divided into two categories, those who hate Lenovo, and those who adore them (cheapness of the products and design).

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