It's just fucking great. For some reason, spell checking on doesn't work (for Russian).

I sometimes really understand people who don't want to use FOSS.

I've got a lot to do today, I've got a long way to go to another city in a foreign country tomorrow, and I'm fucked up with a stupid task...

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Tell me, are you expecting this incredibly "complex feature" too?

@ONLYOFFICE, will this request be one year old, or not? 🤔

P.S. Personally, I'm sick of waiting. I'm going back to .

Just removed my nest thermostat and added a hestiapi. Not sure how I feel about openHAB though. Home Assistant feels so much better. Either way better then google and it’s open source! :D

It's good that analytical companies make these attempts, it's good for the ecosystem, and it's good for people to discover real digital money that is outside the control of governments and also private by default.

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Bitfury’s report focuses specifically on Bitcoin, though Crystal can monitor “Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum (with all ERC-20 and ERC-721 tokens), and Tether,” according to Marina Khaustova, CEO of Crystal Blockchain, “but not ,” she added.

When I see another analyst company fail in terms of tracking Monero, I always feel great!

Or maybe I don't need a super-regulated exchange to sell crypto on the OTC market at all, and I can do without KYC by some payment systems and exchange?

Would be happy to hear your thoughts?

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I was up all night, sitting behind my laptop, thinking about how to start working properly in the legal field...

I need some advice from you, my dear enthusiast.

I decided to move to Georgia (Tbilisi), it's a very good place to live + the state does not prevent business to grow with its stupid regulations.

I want to start working openly and pay taxes in Georgia.

The first question is:

Which exchange would you advise to have USD with a small fees and a good speed on the exchange?

Introducing Pixelfed Drive, a new way to organize and store your photos (with or without posting them).

Available soon!

#pixelfed #drive

Is it normal that I was able to create an unencrypted room with another user after the last update?

@matthew, @Amandine

1) Looking for at system level by default? - Install .

2) Looking for privacy for your finances by default? - Use .

3) Both together? Just do:

sudo apt-get install monero-gui

Very much looking forward to this Wednesday, when we'll host the second Open Tech Will Save Us event! @Gargron - creator of Mastodon! - will join us for a Q&A about scaling, while @mhoye from Mozilla will present about "Verbs in the fediverse". Plus, more to be announced!

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