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⚠️ WARNING: Using FOSS can have a harmful effect on large corporations and reduce their influence on your life, or even bankrupt them.

Full Bodycam Footage of Arrest.

Read the comments below this video.

Hey, US people, how you're doing with the () movement now? What about looters?

Have the played enough of the revolution already?

@lightone, you asked me to share a look of my . 🙂

I'm very addicted , which makes it hard for me to be comfortable with anything else, but still, I like XFCE and its speed.

What I really miss is global menu + active window control, because I really enjoy the Unity-like style.

The dock.
Cairo dock is too fancy + for some reason a system tray is not working.

Plank - the system tray is missing.

I need to figure out the best way to place everything...

Apple: Save the from ! End Apple's Aggressive Opposition of Small Businesses with Fruit Logos - Sign the Petition!

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I am so glad that the community didn't stay on a Bitmains leash and implemented .

No matter how much the community boasts about the network's security, most of this power depends on .

What do you prefer?
or ?

I freaked out today.

Recently I had problems with , for some reason was acting very strange, although I wasn't experimenting with it, I just became working worse.

And today when I wanted to take a snapshot, I got a black screen and couldn't do anything but turn off my laptop holding the power button.

Hello, my old friend - :xfce:.

Here we go again. How many vulnerabilities have been found in hardware wallets in the last couple of years?

And how many vulnerabilities have been found in , and other -tools?

Make your conclusions.

Oh, and the answer from the representative... didn't surprise me personally:

"This is being addressed at the moment, the release date was unfortunately overlooked because holidays, covid and other issues."

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