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I propose to launch a campaign called .

Everyone can share their favorite tool(-s) that use on a daily basis as well as other interesting tools for your opinion.

No software categories. The main requirement is that the project must be open source.

And I think I'm gonna start.


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Want to comment a post on @pixelfed that does not yet appear in #Mastodon?

Go to post page on PixelFed, copy the URL, and paste it in the search bar of Mastodon. Voilà !

Pro tip: it also works with #PeerTube videos

Did you know that #Fedilab has an option to display media without being cropped? Just enable it in settings :)

When Windows asks "do you want to trust this program from Microsoft Corporation?" even though it's signed with a valid and trusted cert:

Pretty interesting conversation started under this post. What do you think about it?

I installed him wallet and explained how to use it, and the importance of the mnemonic phrase.

All right, now I've a personal dentist who takes Bitcoin.

Dear Oleksandr,

Welcome to the new digital economy of the future and welcome to the club! 😎

P.S. Thank you for your work. My gum feels much better now.

I paid my dentist with (Ukraine)

I changed the dentist. I had a visit today, after which I had to pay cash. But I forgot to withdraw the cash, and my new dentist does not use any banks. I jokingly said: "I wish I could pay with Bitcoin".

He heard something about Bitcoin, said that his brother once had 10 .

He asked how he could earn Bitcoin. I answered that as well as the dollar, euro or hryvnia (Ukrainian currency) and offered him to pay for his work in Bitcoin. He agreed.

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