Being still relatively new to Mastodon, this is something I am genuinely curious about:

Do you have Mastodon accounts on multiple instances?
:mastodon: - :mastodon: :mastodon: - > :mastodon: :mastodon:

Thank you all for participating. Almost two-thirds only have one account, a clear majority.

I have another newbie question about the difference between "favorite" and "boost".

It is my subjective impression, that people are reserved when it comes to boosting and prefer "favorite". "Favorite", though, does not increase the toot's visibility and only serves as a feedback to the "tooter". Only "boost" will make your post visible in other instances' local timelines. Do I have that right?

@gabor My understanding is that the "Favorite" button was originally intended to be a "Bookmark", but most people used it as a "Like", "+1" or "Acknowledgement" button, so now there's a new Bookmark button.


@niconiconi @gabor So... is the new "bookmark" button the boost button?

@TheFreePenguin @gabor Not sure what software version your server is running, but in the latest version, if you expand a post to the rightmost column, you'll see four buttons: reply, boost, favorite, bookmark and menu.

@niconiconi @gabor I'm on my phone, so I see reply, boost, fav, share, and menu
I only see bookmark when I zoom in on the toot.

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