I like :fedora_old: better cuz it doesn't do so much stuff under the nose

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Why I don't like :ubuntu:
I just got an error on the auto-upgrade, hopefully my machine will keep working. I also just got a UAC pop up just now

installed :androidalt: on vm, keeps rebooting for some reason

Installing :endeavourOS: on VM, got an error about pacman not working properly. Why is that?

also, every time, the screen just goes black with no way to bring it back (is 20 gigs large enough for manjaro)

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Installing :manjaro: on VM
I get a notification that the device isn't net-connected, but using "ping google.com" does return pings

masto should let you edit your toots without making a new toot entirely

but that would leave behind a ton of unanswered symlinks, there might be a program called cleansymlink which removes all symlinks that point to nowhere

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To remove a package, say neofetch, you could just run sudo rm /Programs/neofetch

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If I made a Linux distro:
I would use a different filesystem:
/System = basic system files
/Users = user home folders
/Programs = where apt packages get installed:
A traditional filesystem is also accessible by way of symlinks
A file like neofetch binary would be /Programs/neofetch/bin/neofetch, with /bin/neofetch being a symlink. Basic system files like bash would be under /System/bin/bash

Why does :manjaro: take so long to boot from the installation disk? When you start, it says "A start job is running for [insert whatever] (1/15)" Why does Manjaro need so many services compared to other distros?

Why don't Manjaro and Fedora like each other?
I watched a vid on someone multibooting Manjaro with Fedora and it went like this:
:fedora_old: Ok, so imma install onto this hard drive, let's see, we got :ubuntu: on here, and...
:manjaro: Manjaro
:fedora_old: Never heard of ya, anyways imma install
:manjaro: HEY! Why am I not on your bootloader!?
:fedora_old: Ummm... who are you?
This also happened with my testing PC when I tried to multiboot :manjaro: with :fedora_old:

#93 2/6 (100%)

#85 2/6 (100%)

#81 2/6 (100%)

#78 6/6 (100%)

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