What if we made a media agency that manufactured consent but for rich people

"Actually, the wealthy want a 20 hour work week"

"The wealthy want to pay more taxes. We should let them."

"Calls grow for prosecution of Elon Musk for stock fraud."

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I'm designing a Cards-Against-Humanity-style card game called "Academics Against Academia" -- what are some common terms, concepts, sayings that drive you nutty about academia? @AcademicChatter@twitter.com

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Anyone got any links to the history/evolution of the academic publishing model? Doing some thinking about why defaulting to Write A Paper needs to be challenged and want to know more about how we got into this mess! #academicwriting #informationhistory


I should make it clear that for as much as I joke about tech, I don't have an issue with people being passionate about things like FOSS, or Linux, or their homelabs, or what's happening in tech. I use a lot of FOSS, I use Linux Mint daily on my old laptop, I have a basic homelab, and I read the tech news daily.

That's not what I have a problem with. I have a problem with being talked down to and being shut out of conversations. This only gets worse if they know I'm queer, brown, poor, and not college educated. This is why I don't really engage with this stuff on the Fediverse much, because I'm sick of dealing with that kind of thing in my professional life and on other forums.

If I wanted a middle aged white guy to get pissed off at me through my phone, I'd just text my dad that I hate cops lmao

Real Anarchists React to ‘The Anarchists,’ A New Series About Crypto Bros

New docuseries explores Anarchapulco, a not-so-utopian den of 'free market' capitalists. Anarchists say their goals couldn’t be more different.

"for anti-capitalist anarchists, capitalism can’t be anarchistic because the economic system relies on rulers—bosses and owners—to coercively extract profits from a laboring class. Anarchists therefore consider 'anarchist capitalism' to be oxymoronic."


here's the context for those who missed it. there were a bunch of similar tweets and shock news pieces after this as well.

amusingly, the text captured in his screenshot hasn't changed since at least the trump days

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A big thanks to everyone who came to my talk today, it was fun and the questions were very stimulating.

Here are two papers that give a lot more detail on what I explained:

"Our House Is On Fire" By Bran Knowles, Kelly Widdicks, Gordon Blair, Mike Berners-Lee, Adrian Friday
Communications of the ACM, June 2022, Vol. 65 No. 6, Pages 38-40


"The real climate and transformative impact of ICT: A critique of estimates, trends, and regulations" by Charlotte Freitag, Mike Berners-Lee, Kelly Widdicks, Bran Knowles, Gordon S. Blair, Adrian Friday, Patterns Volume 2, Issue 9, 10 September 2021, 100340




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I think such a world has a huge potential for #solarpunk optimism: the universality of the belief that we need to be better. Getting us out of our stagnation.

No more Muskian dreams of Mars, our hopes for Space shattered for half a millenium at least. No asteroid mining.

We need to do better with what we have.

We are grounded, but we are alive and we can fix our mistakes.

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Ich wünsche einen gesegneten Erdüberlastungstag. Heute haben wir alle Ressourcen verbraucht, die der Erde nachhaltig zu entnehmen wären. Ab jetzt ist 2022 im Dispo.

Start a blog. Don't amplify stuff you disagree with. Mute stuff that bugs you. Focus; veer occasionally. Add context to links. Consider waiting a day after writing something before posting it. Write for yourself first. Expect to not know what you have to say until you've written.

But of course fucking Martin Shkreli has a fucking web3 grift. But of fucking course. Nothing says extinction-stage capitalism like Martin Shkreli Inu.


#web3 #douchebaggery

@natecull We need code gardening instead of code landfill.

This is why focussing only on innovation, like the EU and sillycon valley does, is not good enough. Most of software is maintenance.

This animation in the footer of a shop selling electronic pentesting hardware cheered me up

@dansup it's quite weird. It just started happening today for me; any post results in near instantaneous comments from jibberish accounts. I have some screens here: zeruch.wordpress.com/2022/07/2

Seeing an influx of mention spam coming from mastodon.social accounts

I'm going to experiment with a few ideas I have to help #pixelfed instances deal with federated spam, and eventually support other projects too

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