Users of Workbench: do you use the Code feature?

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A warm welcome to GNOME Circle for File Shredder! Tired of trying to flush your hard drive down the toilet? You can now use File Shredder to securely wipe your confidential files from storage!

File Shredder is maintained by Alan Beveridge.


Someone responded to this article a couple of days ago:

Seriously, *this* is how you criticize. I highly recommend reading it.

I contacted them and asked if they can rewrite the Qt section of the article: Can't wait to review and merge!

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#NestWithFedora starts tomorrow! If you were in our #GUADEC2022 sponsor office hour with #Fedora, you heard all about this remote event, but did you know it's free to attend? Learn more and register here:

You know what: it'd be great if people who need accessibility didn't go around calling other people's work "trash". I get it: accessibility is hard, and required for people to use a computer—but you know how proprietary platforms deal with it? They pay developers. You know what Linux users do for it? They fucking whine about it, and then they go out and say that any effort made is trash.

Well, guess what: stuff doesn't fix itself.

Hey, our audio editor is on hiatus, as most of us moved on to other projects. Our GitHub organization now mostly hosts previously unmaintained audio libraries that were brought up to speed with the 21st century.

A very cool person has been silently working on another fork, Saucedacity alone, ever since a bit after the time we popped around. We're discussing on how to carry over our work to their project.

If you want to see me and some KDE developers discuss the need to get serious about building real platforms, check out this week's Open Tech Will Save Us stream, hosted by @thibaultamartin and @matrix.

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There will be a Flatpak BoF session tomorrow at noon CDT (UTC-5) in Guadalajara, Mexico and online as part of GUADEC! Please join if you'd like to collaborate on Flatpak, Flathub, or portals. See for how to join

lmao @ManjaroLinux really can't help themselves but ship unmerged patches, this time they broke Chatty again by including 3 merge requests in Chatty on their STABLE branch! One of which is actually closed...

Interview of @mirkobrombin creator of @usebottles

Nice to learn more about you. This bit caught my attention 😊

My favorite tool is definitely Workbench, an application that allows me to compose GTK interfaces with XML/Blueprint, JavaScript, and CSS, seeing the results in real-time. This tool has simplified my life by reducing my time drastically. It is an essential tool for those who develop applications with GTK and I recommend it even to those who are new to GTK.

Please join us and #GiveUpGitHub by visiting and while you are still on #GitHub, adding information to your README that you do not agree with GitHub's policies and monopolized place in our community.

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Happy to see this published! I think so many people who use GNOME don’t realize the positive impact Endless has had on it over the years, and will continue to have moving forward.

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