Mario Kart: Double Dash on the GC was the best Mario Kart game ever, and I'll fight anybody that says otherwise. Playing it with my kid has been a huge joy.

I don't think I can reach orgasm unless I've designed a recursive function recently.

It's amazing that spammers think Mastodon is a good place to operate.

That said, are there plans to give admins better tools to combat it at the domain level?

Yesterday while driving home my car warned me the battery in the wireless key fob was low. "Ok" I thought, "I'll replace it this weekend." This morning, the car won't start as it can't find a key. Why were these things a good idea again? Thankfully the spare still worked, although it also warned about a low battery. Scary to think I could be stranded somewhere due to a low battery.

Why can't I just plop it into the cup holder to wirelessly charge? Why do I only get 10 hours notice before hand?

I just created a struct in rust that has a reference to its own type inside of itself and it somehow compiles aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa idon'tknowwhatiamdoing

I spent all night learning and writing a websocket listener for a toy project. I feel like a kid again, learning C for the first time... although without tons of memory lossage. I haven't smashed a stack yet!

How do you delete toots older than 30 days? I presume you use a bot? If so, is the source open by chance?

I want to play around with and I also want to create a Mastodon bot. A weekend project is born...

I've threatened many times over the years to replace somebody with a small shell script. Today is the first day where I can honestly say I've done it.

It's so cold that the moisture from my breath condensed on my eyelashes, and when I blinked my eyelashes froze together.

For a typical desktop user, is there even a point of swap anymore? I haven't made a swap file/partition in years, and long gone are the days of SWAP=2*RAM.

I've read some people say there's still a performance boost with having a swap, but I don't see how that's possible.

It's great having a private key and all, but I don't really have anybody to give my public key to. Nobody that would want to go through the hurdles, anyway. Kind of ruins all the fun, ya know?

Maybe I'll send RMS a happy birthday email or something.

I've been using on my install for a couple years now, always intending to use its advanced features like snapshots. Since I'm sick anyway, I've decided today is the day.

Here's hoping I don't trash my data while learning how to safeguard it!

Every damn year around this time I get a sinus infection that makes me want to die. Looks like it's that time of year again!

Came home last night to find my networking cabinet had zero power.

The UPS was dead like it had run out of battery. Unplugged it, plugged it back in and it happily beeped and started supplying power again, even though it was showing the battery as empty. "Weird", I thought. I left the house and 5 minutes later the wife is complaining about no internet. Turn around, rip the UPS out, and marvel that it could die so badly that it can't even act as a pass through. And how dumb I was for leaving it.

I'm getting really close to editing and recompiling Firefox to remove the feature that displays an eye-searing blank white page briefly while every page loads.

Changing the default background color fixes it, but breaks too many websites who all stupidly expect a default background of white.

Now that Linux has so much gaming support, I find myself getting sucked into games instead of doing something constructive. Grass is always greener, I guess.


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