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One thing I struggle with as a co-founder is the work/life balance and being able to disconnect. I'm getting better at it but it was much easier to do when I had a regular job. There’s always something I'd like to do now...

The entire class registration website is still down

The service that lets me sign up for a class is down, so I wrote a script with selenium and python that tests if it's working. I hope it works within the next few hours, because otherwise I won't be able to get the good classes

Thinking about switching my Jekyll site over to simpleCSS, is there a resource people recommend? I haven't started looking yet

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Today is my one year Linux Anniversary!

April 4, 2020: I had a slow old laptop that I was going to give to my cousins, but I thought that I would speed it up by putting Linux on it. Well, I installed Fedora 29 and was in love instantly.

Flash forward to today and I’m using Arch, Xmonad, I’ve built my own PC, host my own website, and I’m constantly learning tons of new things!

Linux is awesome!

I think a docker container thing I did on my server slowly filled itself over time, then my server ran out of storage and just refuses to do anything. I removed it and uninstalled docker. I hope that was problem. Looked like it.

Either I win by turn 10 or I pretty much lose :)

Becoming readdicted to hearthstone. Murlocs for the win!

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> cd ~

This can be shortened to just cd.

And here's another trick;

$_ = the last argument given, so you can do something like:

mkdir test_folder && cd $_

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If it isn't obvious why this is huge, and I guess my post doesn't make it obvious:

This is a completely peer to peer, end to end encrypted chat system written in *250 lines of code*. @spritelyproject's Goblins abstracts away the network/cryptography elements for you.

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Resin printed some star wars ships. The resin doesn't bend, so the tie fighter is literally held together with friction and gravity. :)

Downscaled my project down to a CLI application, makes development so much easier

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Ads that make you actively not want the thing being advertised

Boost if you agree

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> Don't let your schooling detract from your education

very pertinent quote rn :blobfoxannoyed:

Clarification, we had no spring break. I like finishing a year early, but I was really looking forward for a break.

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Today is a mental health day, because the school refused to let us go home for spring break, we have today to relax.

I'm thinking about coding, but I just dropped my last project because it was with flutter and non-static stuff with flutter is a pain. Every new feature managed to break previous stuff, and it took forever to debug because it's printouts are terrible.

I have officially decided to either drop the project or start from scratch. I'm thinking about just writing it in dart.

Flutter was not behaving how I expected, but now I think I understand stateful widgets a little more now. :)

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My email server magically imploded, thank goodness I keep backups from when things worked :)

Also my website auto pulled itself from gitlab, which was pretty cool.

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