Since I installed the planetary geared extruder on my , the extruder stepper driver stays nice and cool. It was overheating and shutting down. Wish I had bought the laser thermometer from Harbor Freight I want so I could have measured the difference before I replaced it.

New floating benchy printing. Ran some high infill to put the planetary extruder through some paces. Grandson requested a floating benchy so he could play with it in the bath tub. I can do that.

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Life in a small Texas town. Saturday night Christmas parade with lit up floats and people throwing candy to the children. The city government forbid the throwing of candy but the people said πŸ–•.

They don't call it the Jingle Bell Jog for nothing.

I want to build one of these so badly but I've got so many projects ahead of it. Forcing myself to finish a few first.

Previous steps per mm was 95. Takes 461 to do the same with the planetary gear.

8mm extruder gear for the planetary geared extruder arrived today. I installed it, calibrated the new steps per millimeter and am giving it a test print.

I meant to do a today and Friday is over for some of us, nearly over for me. But it's not over so here goes.

I'm celebrating this week. @cypnk is back. Whether you like posts about cabins, snow, cold weather, space vehicles, terrestrial vehicles, music, keyboards, CNC machines, or many other topics, this is a very interesting follow. Enjoy.

Way behind in my podcast listening and just got to 19. Dude, you are so lucky. To have a spouse who loves you and wants to use Linux because it is your passion. That was a wonderful and entertaining story.

Hey y'all. @cypnk is back.

It's a great day in the Fediverse.🎊🎊🎊

And I forgot to post the link:

Absentminded as ever. That hasn't changed.

I thought about you a few months back when I found out about this laser machine. It uses a laser diode, making it much safer and hardy for transport. Might be the way to go for your storing/folding situation. I'm still on the fence but want to purchase one of these.

A week from tonight, I'm driving to Arkansas for a job interview the following morning. Wish me luck. I need this.

Catching up on my podcast backlog, listening to Firewalls Don't Stop Dragons.

Quote of the day:

"We're not watching the ads. The ads are watching us."

First day back at work from taking care of spouse and Thanksgiving. Nothing has gone well in my absence. The few deadlines we had, I thought I had perfectly setup to go smoothly. Apparently, I didn't idiot proof them enough. Sometimes I think, one coworker in particular, screws shit up on purpose. It's.gonna be a long day. Great way to welcome me back. I hate my job.

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@Tayo Thanks for the welcome and info - very kind of you! Yeah, this is probably the 4th instance I've been on over the past few years. I have to say, it's been BY FAR the most engaging right out of the gate. I think I finally found my home. πŸ™‚

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