Spent the night at my in-laws in Austin. Want to make the getaway but spouse is still sleeping. Want to go to Biscuits&Groovy but mother-in- law is cooking breakfast. Seems she's always foiling my diabolical plans.

I want yo go home so I can and post some like @djsundog

I freakin' hate stores that do this. Walked out empty handed.

So good to be home in Austin. Wish I still lived here.

Making the mad dash down IH35 to help my daughter out.

Now I have listened to several episodes of the Darknet Diaries podcast and now I like it even more than when I started.

If Ross Ulbricht had one of these and learned to keep his mouth shut, he might still be a free man.


TBH, I don't think he deserved a double life sentence plus 40 years without the possibility of parole. He was cunning yet stupid. I think the sentence is overkill and he deserves a second chance in life.

@djsundog is making me think about it.


Last thing I need to be buying is another . That's one hell of a deal.

Remember when on a job interview, when they ask you to tell them about yourself, be prepared, have much to say, ring your own bell. Nobody's going to ring it for you.

Before going in, ask yourself some of those typical questions and have prepared answers. Your level of preparedness can calm your nerves and impress managers.

Also, you are interviewing them as much as they are interviewing you. Ask questions of them.

Showed up to job interview yesterday with script of questions for the hiring manager, many stumped him. He commented that he was never asked that many questions by an interviewee before and was wholly unprepared for my onslaught of questions. Also commented that it was the first time he asked fewer questions than the interviewee.

I told him that I just emailed him the list of questions to save him the trouble of writing them down. He seemed somewhat relieved and impressed at my preparedness.

All you hackers out there help Yonathan out. Even if you're not a hacker or into security, you've benefitted from this man's work. Give him a reason to smile today. Please boost.


I 've been in the freakin' car all day. Just made a pit stop, filled the tank, walked around a bit, catching up on Mastodon. Now back on the road for at least a few hours more.

TFW you have to drive to Arkansas for an interview and can't find the key to the vehicle you need to drive there.

My latest make: a 3/4" conduit filament reel holder of my own design. I've got to refine the lengths of the conduit some. In case you're worried that I'm almost out of orange filament. There's another, still in the bag, waiting for service.

Something tells me current boss has figured out I'm looking for a job. He just bridged my time from previous stint with this company even though they told me that would not happen when I came back. They just gave me a 10 year award(swag involved). With the time bridge, next year will be a 15 year award giving me an extra week of vacation(+more swag). Suddenly, I have less demand on me. They must have smelled the smoke of my burnout.

In the morning I drive to Little Rock for my second interview and then back home again. It will be a long day. Hopefully worth it.

Daughter in San Antonio was in an automobile accident this morning. Spouse went down to help her today. She's fine. Her car will be. Any accident you walk away from is a good one.

Discovered a new podcast this week.

Darknet Diaries

So far it's pretty interesting. Find it on your podcatcher and please let us know what you think of it.

dead squirrel 

Just watched my cousin clean up at the Fort Worth Stock Show. He won Grand Champion, Exhibitor and was 1st or 2nd in just about every class in which he showed. Quite proud.

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