I strive to be welcoming and have decided to up my welcoming game. You'll see the difference on my next welcome.

All criticism and suggestions are welcome.

(In the running for unofficial chairman of the Fosstodon welcoming committee 😃)

I just visited @kev 's page and, Wow!, it just keeps getting better and better. I strongly recommend it if you haven't checked it out recently.


Does anyone besides me on Fosstodon currently use Bunsenlabs?

@kev or @mike , can we get a Bunsenlabs emoji? Not really a big deal because I'll probably be the only one who uses it.

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For the new folks on Mastodon, here are the various ways you can discover new people on here to talk to!


Please boost :)

Another item to share from my long weekend with my mastofriends. A mastodon skeleton.

Found a job listing with a utility in Arkansas. I know they will be scared of my current salary and salary history. In my cover letter I stated that they should not let my current salary keep them from making an offer. That's never worked before. I doubt it will here but here goes...

Back from my long weekend of peace, solitude and spending time with my spouse. Welcome all of you new folk I missed while gone. I'll share the technical highlight of our trip with you. The most powerful conical Tesla coil in the world (so they claimed!)

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ok, all you new people who arrived in the Fediverse this week... and there do appear to be a LOT of N00bs(in the best sense).... Let's do a Follow Friday!


@djsundog is possibly the best all around netizen on the Fedi.

@maxeddy Tech journalist, and nice and approachable too... I even assume he likes hugs.

@ella_kane our community organizer in this corner of the fediverse, and mastermind on #WeareNameless, a monthly movie viewing session... a LOT of fun!

@lilithsaintcrow and @mwlucas Both authors who have inspired discussions often, that lift the lid on the publishing industry.

@Mainebot He's like... to the north of me... but kinda smart.... and smart-alecky....actually a very solid source of quality thoughts on a wide range of topics.

@viciousviscosity qUEEN OF gIFS

@tek, admin of Freeradical.zone, also a name to watch for infosec.

@jerry Admin of infosec.exchange

@JohnsNotHere Host of the Purple Squad Security podcast

@drwho @remotenemesis @GeoffWozniak @ryen @m4iler

on and on...

Sooo many other great netizens... The instant I post this I will regret many I didn't list.

OK, I strive to personally welcome every newcomer but the sudden influx is overwhelming. I can't keep up. Welcome all you new folk. I hope you enjoy it here.

Consider following


They are the hosts of the Ubuntu podcast. Popey and Wimpy work for Canonical and share some really cool stuff from their really cool gigs.

Consider following @bleeptrack

She does and makes all kinds of cool things mixing art and technology and Also shares all of her adventures as she travels the world, sharing her creations and processes.

It's and we have many new people here. They're looking for interesting people to follow so please tag a list of people you like to follow.

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I have a question to the people who love to read. When reading a series of books, do you prefer short books or long books?

(I hate asking, but if you could boost this for reach, I would appreciate it)

Taking some much needed time off this weekend. Skipping work Friday and Monday for a 4 day weekend in a remote cabin with my spouse celebrating 30 years of wedded Bliss. No WiFi, spotty cellular coverage, no laptop.

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