This week I'm recommending some outstanding people.
"LEDs improve everything", new to the fedi but already has cool toots

@bleeptrack generative art phenom, does and makes cool stuff

"I like small DIFFS, and I cannot lie.
You other hackers can deny,
But when a patch comes in with an itty-bitty count,
and that bug fix in your face
You hit MERGE."

Need I say more?

The originator of Octoprint

@Tay0 I mean, one can ALWAYS say more. :D Thanks for the boost. :)

I can always say more but anything beyond the quote would have been drab in comparison. I'm a boring nerd but I recognize greatness when I see it.

@Tay0 @bleeptrack @saramg @foosel thank you very much, though I'm switching from my qoto account to this one on, so this is a better account to follow

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