2.5 Admins 88: Great Scott

Musk buys Twitter, Ubuntu’s ZFS on root snapshot tool is put on the back burner, and setting up your own apt mirror.


@JoeRess Good show. I tend to agree that Twitter probably isn't going to get much worse with Musk at the helm than it already is, so I wouldn't abandon it for this if I hadn't already mostly abandoned it for being the dumpster fire it was before Musk bought it. I think we should be looking towards more defederated systems when it comes to social media, but I'm guessing that was pretty obvious already.

But Jim's take on Mastodon not getting a bunch of new users was way wrong. It's been one hell of a week.

Next week he may be right.

@Tay0 @mike I don't think Jim said people didn't come here. Just that they aren't leaving Twitter.

We can both be right. Yeah, I like that. We're right. Beers all around.

@JoeRess @Tay0 Heh, he said "Definitely saw the trend of lots and lots of people posting on Twitter how they were moving to Mastodon but I don't know how many of those people are going to stop using Twitter." Then things devolved into politics for 5 minutes or so. Not sure about how I feel about your statement on the importance of Twitter though Joe. I see your point, but I also see Allan's point too. Kinda torn.

K. I'm wrong. Beers all around anyway.

I'm actually attending ceremonies at the local brewery tonight.

@Tay0 @JoeRess It was an easy mistake because Allan followed it up with saying he hadn't even been seeing that, which I HAVE been seeing LOTS of. Of course, where Allan is standing and where you and I are standing Tay0 are dramatically different. I think there may actually be a (relatively) large number of people leaving Twitter over it, but what I'm not sure about is how much staying power that's going to have. If they leave now and Twitter doesn't go all Hindenburg, will they go back?


Historically, every exodus to Mastodon has been short lived with little staying power. Just like google services, it's much more convenient to have a feed spoon fed to you than to actually work at it for a better more relevant feed. We humans are a fickle bunch.

@Tay0 @mike @JoeRess I think every exodus to mastodon always has some die-back, but with every one, there will be more and more people who stay. Also, just because people stay on twitter doesn't mean that they're not moving more and more of their digital selves over here. I still have a Facebook account but I never actually use it. Twitter I mainly use to follow the news these days.

There are also many folks who came here in the past that have let their acct here go fallow but they're tooting again. Maybe it will stick this time.
@mike @JoeRess

@Tay0 @mike @JoeRess Yeah, and I'm kinda guilty of that myself, tbh. The difference this time is that twitter does not bring the same joyful experiences that it did even 2 or 3 years ago. Twitter, for me, has become about how terrible everything is now, and I don't need reminding of that. To prevent falling back to twitter I've tried to put some intention into my mastodon usage now.

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