If you're in a job interview and realize that you really don't want to work there, the best thing to do is stand up, apologize for wasting their time because you just will not be a good fit in their organization and leave.

I once had an interview at a hotel at an airport. The interviewer was going to be the boss. He got really combative with me in the interview. As I was walking out, he was screaming that he determined when the interview was over, not me.

No way he was gonna be my boss.

@Tay0 Agree 100%. People often seem to forget that the interview is a two-way evaluation.

Yeah, I had an interview for a place that looked like it might have been a good job, But the interviewer /boss had been in the Marines, and made comments about the fact that was in the "Chair Force"... I got the feeling right away that he wasn't going to respect me as a person, and I wasn't too concerned that they never called me back.

@Tay0 I once had a nightmare interview. I was blagging about an Oracle feature I had no real-life experience of (Real Application clusters). I knew the architecture and theory but the savvy interviewer asked me 'How do you shut down a node in a RAC cluster ?'

Cue red face, some mumbled words and I almost went to grab my coat.

As it happened, I was successful but the interviewer had the courtesy to call me directly to impart new news.

'I guess it was the Server Control question that found me out'.

'Oh well, not really. We get lots of candidates who don't have real-life experience RAC and try to blag it. That's why we ask that question. We liked you but just thought you were a dev DBA from a small Internet startup with a lot of power who would be incredibly frustrated by our big (large UK Telco) company ethos and the operational constraints of a large production system'.

Which was nice.
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