My first programming language was FORTRAN. What was yours?

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@fedops @djsundog @Tay0 yep. ZX81 BASIC, specifically... then C16 BASIC - and the culture shock of realising that VAL() only evaluated expressions in ZX BASIC

@millihertz @fedops @djsundog @Tay0 TRS-80 BASIC Level II on a TRS-80 Model I.

Followed shortly by Commodore BASIC 4.0 on a Commodore PET 8032 in school.

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Me BASIC too. Learned BASIC to load games into memory and then modify the machine code with poke.

I was still in High School but had exhausted the math dept. They coached me into the programming thing and since we were in Austin, we got to use a terminal with a 150 baud audio coupled modem to use the mainframe at the University of Texas. Looking back, it was a ton of fun.

@djsundog @Tay0 My first programming language was BASIC too. QBASIC delivered with MS-DOS 5.0

@djsundog @Tay0 technically it’s actually BASIC4GL, which was a super niche Graphical IDE with a BASIC dialect that manipulated a colourable grid of ASCII characters. It was on a windows XP machine I’d salvaged from the side of the road in about 2005-6; I was nine.

@Tay0 ZX-Basic to be exactly, which got me a bridge to MSX-Basic and others at MSX platform.

@Tay0 Logo, Applesoft BASIC and CP/M MBASIC in fairly quick succession, but I *think* Logo at school was first

@Tay0 Basic, in 4th grade my dad and I made what was basically MadLibs for ourselves. I thought it was the best thing ever :)


Counting Fingers

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@Tay0 Visual BASIC in high school CS class, which is also when I learned that not all BASICs are the same.

Wish it would've been something less visual since it really threw me off how computers work, but I get why a GUI toolkit language would appeal to more high school aged kids.

@edd @Tay0 tbh when I tried as a kid to transition from QBasic to Visual Basic (which my 8-year-old mind thought would be a pretty seamless transition but with new features) I got thrown off and lost interest

@RubbaDuxx @Tay0 I actually tried to get some extra work done on a VB project at home only to find out I royally screwed it up by trying to edit it in QBasic. QBasic (and others) may be better, VB really hid how things worked that made it hard for me to grasp classes/functions and how they relate to a running application. Fortunately there was only one year of VB, then it was all console stuff with Java (which I don't like for other reasons, but generally clearer).

@edd @Tay0 Super glad that panned out in your favor, says to me you got the experience of learning a second language early on and getting to unlearn junky old ways you were going about things habitually

@Tay0 Algol! On a local tech college mainframe. And punched paper tape.

We didn't have the paper tape option. It was cards. I remember the fear of dropping your cards out of order. Easy to forget how good we have it now.

@Tay0 Moved on to Fortran and punched cards at uni. Then they got VDUs and Basic, and we all played Star Trek games.

@Tay0 First language I ever worked in was VB as part of a class in using MS Office, but the first language I managed to get any real progress in was C.


FORTRAN IV, 8080 assembler, and CALL/OS BASIC. The BASIC was on a mainframe and had a whole lot of games complete with source code to read or to change.

@Tay0 My first was Python. I was 10, and I slept with my Python book under my pillow.

@Tay0 C. Funnily enough, I also learned Java at that time but never really used it. (Phew)

I love C. Still use it at work. It's my comfortable language if you can imagine that. I think in C.

@Tay0 Yes I can absolutely! It does have many use cases where it shines bright and strong.

@Tay0 Well, my first programming was 1802 machine code as pecked onto hex buttons, a Quest SuperELF.

For actual language, that would be BASIC on the Pet I bought. It was the one where you could save programs onto its integrated cassette unit.

(Mine only had 8k of RAM, though.)

@Tay0 Visual Basic in VS '05 was the first language I played with, but the first one I sat down and learned was Perl5. 😆

@Tay0 Python, switched early to Java (first little projects where in Java), but now left both more or less behind me

@Tay0 and some half-assed things with Basic

@Tay0 started with Basic & Assembler... but the most time I used FORTRAN for numerical FE-Models and pre and post processing ...

@Tay0 BASIC on my brother's Heathkit H-9 terminal connected to an H-8 computer with 4k of RAM. (Really small programs)

@Tay0 Java, because I made bad decisions as a child 😂

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