In better news, I found I can just barely squeeze an entire ATMega328, optocouplers, and my experimental 10V-52V switching power supply into a single board. Which means, I can connect this to a car battery or similar directly and/or solar panel and share the same rails as the device(s) it's controlling


Connecting to a car. For some reason this reminded me of the time I was in New Mexico back when I worked in Telecom. The locals at the site assured us that their ancient Sola 48VDC rectifier was rated to handle their old and new switches at the same time. They powered up their new switch so I could start database translation and the Sola gave up in a puff of smoke and flames. Joking, I considered lining up 4 cars with jumper cables to power the old switch. That's exactly what they did.

@Tay0 Perhaps one might want to be extra careful not to touch any of the other cars with the door getting in or out of any of those cars.


Each one was tied to the one next to it so that shouldn't be an issue. Should it?

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