I'm looking for a way to sniff the BLE communications between a watch and my phone. Anyone have any ideas?

@Tay0 dunno about sniffing the traffic but gadgetbridge on Android is pretty handy

@djsundog @Tay0 android has some kind of built-in bluetooth hci sniffer that you can enable in developer options. i'm trying to learn how to use it to let an open source app communicate with a bluetooth-enabled bathroom scale


Depends on what level of sniffing you need, but you could go full tilt boogie and get an SDR that covers the frequency range (like "LimeSDR", ) and then use a software decode like "gr-bluetooth" in GNU Radio.

Demo here:

Some of the examples look a little old, but if you're curious about sniffing the airwaves this would be somewhere to start for ideas.

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