If you've been lurking on Fosstodon, intimidated by the more technical toots, feeling imposter syndrome, or just afraid to jump in, please toot an introduction, ask questions, learn, get to know others. There's nothing to be afraid of. This is a friendly and welcoming instance. Almost all of us want to get to know you except for a few grumps.😃

@Tay0 i completely agree
Fosstodon is the most kind community i have ever registered in my entire 23 to life.

@Tay0 This could be said about a lot of instances. is like that, too

@Tay0 @kev though I’m not on Fosstodon, I will second the observation about friendliness. In my meanderings around the fediverse, donians of the FOSS have invariably been the most welcoming and engaging.

A great instance culture to be sure. 🙂

@Tay0 Fosstodon is so nice! I only registered here relatively recently but it's very friendly and people see and answer your toots in an informed way! It's so refreshing compared to traditional Twitter and the like!

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