Looking to de-google your life?


Want to get your data before you do?


Want to be more private in the internet? Not just de-google?


Good luck!

Lol :0120: "de-google" but embrace apple? You should not recommended any apple apps if you recommended to stay away of google for privacy reason, it have not sense, yet some people are too "apple fan" or brainwashed.

Even if apple get "strong privacy features" or by exposing other companies, at the end is for he own gain, google do the same. So the end goal of this companies is "use my own products" and not use the competence.


I don't care for apple but see them as the lesser of two evils. Also, apple's pricing cuts most people out of their walled garden.

OK I feel you, I have friends that said the same, but I just don't get it, so why de-google if you can't de-apple? haha anyways apple do the same privacy and censorship, apple in some countries are worst that other, even if you travel using you apple phone the actual "map" even change show you other "map" changing the countries... That's is censorship :)

BTW I like you toots, I use blender and do other stuff too ;)

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