I'm already off all google.
Never had fb.
I'm using .
Don't do windows.
I wish I could use my as my daily driver.
I'm into and have a VPN.
I support things I use.
What else can I do?

@Tay0 Yea man pretty much your off the grid😎

@wzqtparor @Mundon @Tay0 The funny thing is that I have been been into Foss :opensource: for so long and I have never seen or heard any of these open hardware :openhardware: before🤣

@Tay0 Distill the knowledge that you have into something palatable and understandable to someone who isn’t as knowledgeable.

If we have the knowledge and capability to live a better life and yet we do not share it, in my mind it’s pointless to have that knowledge. It is meant to be shared.

@cooper If I wasn't on an expensive rural metered ISP, I'd already have one.

I have considered setting up a server on Digital Ocean or Linked. I'm not sure that would work or how expensive it could be.

@damko I do use Tails some, when I really want to be under the radar.

Depends what you usually do it wanna do in future. E-Mail can be encrypted, if you need a challenge.

Nah, I don't have the temperament for that. I tend to see the world in polarized ways where politics requires much moderation and middle-finding. I'm not good at concessions.

@Tay0 yes, politics can be difficult. But what I mean is more like talk about
* what you do
* why you do that
* what problems you have because of that

It's relatively easy to do something for yourself. It's much harder to get other people to do the same as you do.

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